Sweden invites you!

Here’s your opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip for two!
Sweden invites you!

Sweden has given an open invitation to all Indians to come and visit Sweden. But, interested travellers would need to first take a picture of their authentic Indian gift that they would give to Sweden. If Sweden likes the gift, then the winner, along with a companion, gets to visit for free.

While everybody in India knows the country by its name, it is not their preferred choice to travel to Sweden because of lack of awareness on what this beautiful country has to offer.

The campaign conceptualized and executed by GREY group India, for Visit Sweden AB – the communications arm working to promote the country – “The Country Warming Gift” requires people to take a selfie with an authentic Indian gift they would like to gift to Sweden if selected as a winner.

Sweden Inner

“The campaign takes the traditional practice of carrying a house warming gift, to a whole a new level. After all, it’s only fair for the country that gave us everything from scenic archipelagos to Avicii, to expect a Country Warming gift in return” said Varun Goswami, Executive Creative Director, GREY group India.

A social media campaign that launched on March 29, 2017, with a film. The film encourages people to participate in the “Country Warming Gift Contest”. It will be followed by more content on the Visit Sweden Facebook page, all encouraging participation and push for entries. A winner will be selected basis the gift idea, authenticity and number of likes on the selfie posted.

Here’s the campaign link to view the film:


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