Aishwaryaa R Dhanush

  • Brew Women Awards 2017 “Inspire & Conquer”

    Brew Women Awards 2017

    Brew Women Awards 2017 “Inspire & Conquer” With a strong conviction that has brought her this far, she continues to believe that there is a lot more to transcend. Breaking past stereotypes, she’s undaunted, fierce and altruistic, all at once. Embracing versatility, she’s gloriously multifaceted. A beautiful world would seize to...
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    Bengaluru’s night of shame!

    Bengaluru molestation- Time and again, the safety of women are thrown at stake. The recent events in Bengaluru seems to have triggered the anger of many. The molestation of a north-eastern woman in Bengaluru, has earned of not just people but even celebrities. Akshay Kumar The Kiladi star Akshay...