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Taj Deccan Hosts Sushi & Teppanyaki Fest

Taj Deccan Hosts Sushi & Teppanyaki Fest

Hyderabad: October 27, 2014: Taj Deccan is hosting Sushi & Teppanyaki festival at the Syn Asian Grill & Bar. The a-la-Carte festival is from October 28 to November 9th, 2014. Syn Asian Grill & Bar is a confluence of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese flavours in a magical setting. The decor effortlessly combines the high-energy at the bar with a laid-back air at the lounge and the bracing feel of the outdoors the adjoining al fresco dining area set against a stunning rock garden, make for a never before dining experience.


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Executive Chef Sajesh and his team have put together a unique compilation of Sushi, Sashimi, Nigri, Temaki. The festival offers an array of exotic dishes like Caterpillar Maki (Marinated Chopped Crab Sticks, Avocado and Eel),Volcano Maki (Spiced Salmon Topped Maki), Philadelphia Salmon Roll (Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese), Red Dragon Maki (Marinated Chopped Crab Sticks, Avocado and Tuna), Royal Trumpet Maki (Shitake Mushroom, Asparagus, Avocado), Asparagus Tempura Maki (Tempura Fried Asparagus with Mayo and Topped), Yasai Hoso Maki (Carrot, Bell Pepper, Spinach, Takwan, Wasabi Mayo) and Spicy Tuna Temaki (Chopped Tuna, Japanese Mayo, Spring Onions mixed Chili Spice).

generic Retin-A order Orlistat And the dessert menu offers Chocolate Sushi, Fruit Sushi and Fruit Nigri and also on offer is Banana Tempura Teppanyaki served with ice cream.

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A’ la carte menu is open for lunch and dinner (12.30 pm – 3.00 pm & 7:30pm – 11:30 pm)

For reservations and more information, please contact: 040 – 6666 3939



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