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Ten things you need to think about when buying your first DSLR camera

Ten things you need to think about when buying your first DSLR camera


Finally, the festive season is here! Which of course means that apart from having a gala time, you can also go mad with all the shopping. This would be the perfect time to buy whatever you had been saving up for. 

Perhaps, a DSLR camera if you are a photography enthusiast? But buying your first DSLR can be a confusing proposition.

So many things to keep in mind – cost, brand, tech specifications, what accessories to buy… 

Need some help? Ok, so here’s what all you need to keep in mind if you are also thinking of getting a DSLR. 

1. The purpose 

It’s your first one, so, you have to keep in mind the purpose you want to use it for. Whether you want it for amateur photography, professional clicks, personal use, etc. , all these factors are important.

2. The budget 

Of course, you have to plan it according to your budget! Go for a DSLR which has all the features you desire. It’s always a good idea to compare the prices, but you can’t be compromising on the features. 

You can get the zoom lenses while purchasing the DSLR itself. Try Canon EOS 1200D double zoom kit, which will make you save about 13 grands. 

3. Image quality 

Everybody who buys a DSLR eventually wants great image quality. So, it’s a really important factor to keep in mind when buying your first DSLR. You can try Canon EOS 1200D’s APS-c size 18 megapixel sensor which will get you crisp and vibrant images. 

4. The processor 

Your shooting performance needs to be responsive. A strong performing processor communicates with sensor providing you high quality results. So, for your first DSLR, you can try the canon EOS 1200D with Digic 4 processor. It provides quick Camera start-up and delivers smooth reproduction. 

5. The grip and size 

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It may seem like a trivial thing, but the grip and size of the camera is kind of an important factor. Always try holding and carrying the DSLR before you finally purchase it. Because some of them can be really bulky, or the grip can uncomfy, which would make it difficult to use and carry around. The Canon EOS 1200D provides a contoured body with rubberized grip – fits in your hand perfectly and prevents from slipping. 

6. Versatility with View finder and Live View shooting 

Shooting through a viewfinder gives a beginner a feel of a pro. Optical view finder allows you to see exactly what you shoot with accurate focusing. DSLRs today are much more convenient with their high-quality LCD screens and benefit of Live View Shooting. 

order Premarin online Easy checking of focus and previewing your final image before shooting, especially in low light are the few benefits of live view shooting. And Luckily, EOS 1200D is equipped with it all. 

7. Videomaking in Full HD 

Why just capture your life in still? You can easily capture videos with your DSLR and make your memories more interesting. Especially with full HD recording capture video in high quality. And you can later view it on your HDTV. 

8. Compatibility with various lenses 

One major advantage of shooting with DSLR Cameras is ready compatibility with various lenses for shooting in all kinds of situation. Canon EOS 1200D has a large family of EF & EF-S lenses with over 70 lenses to choose from. 

9. The lens cleaning kit 

Yes, the lens cleaning kit is a must have while buying a DSLR. Like or not, you’ll eventually end up with dust and finger marks on your lens, which will definitely disturb your shooting experience. You should buy a good microfiber cloth with lens cleaning solution with your first DSLR. 

10. The accessories 

Since it’s your first DSLR, buying the proper accessories along with it is also important. Just focus on buying only necessary accessories for you First DSLR. On buying EOS 1200D you can get camera case, USB cable and 8GB SD card for free to all purchaser. Additionally, for the festive period, by buying EOS 1200D Double Zoom Kit, you can also get Mobile Charger.  order Ventolin

But wouldn’t it be awesome if you manage to get in some accessories on great offers? How about some flight tickets thrown in too? Too good to be true, huh! Check out Canon’s latest offer where you get to win Indigo airlines tickets, portable charger, camera carry case, and more on purchase of the Canon 1200D DSLR camera. 

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