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Tips for safer hair colouring

Tips for safer hair colouring

“If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair colour.” Brittany Murphy

Naturally, All humans are attracted to hair coloring. But we might also hear about hair coloring as good as we think. We might have come across many brands labeled and described as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ yet it contains toxic chemicals too. Even after hearing all this information, we love to do hair coloring as it seems more beautiful and stunning. Literally, it looks like colorful waves on our head. So, let us be clear about dying and how can we make it safer for us. It is not as bad as other bad habits.

Tips to follow!

First of all, choose blonde instead of brunette because dark hair colour contains high levels of PPD or Paraphenylenediamine which is a toxic ingredient may be found in most permanent hair coloring.

Next, you have to wait until your hair turns into grey. And you might know that the grey colour of your hair could bother you. You could avoid coloring before it becomes grey. Most of the youngsters worry about their premature grey hair and so they could choose the hair coloring in safer methods.

Next one is to go longer between coloring, that is, perfect brush- powder covers all the roots and it stays on it until you wash it out. This may help you an ineffective alternative to re-dying roots. Another important step is to condition your ends, wear hats, staying away from chlorinated pools, wash your hair less in the condition of retaining your colour as vivid and healthy as much as possible. This will be lead to less re-coloring.

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The next notable one is if you are coloring your hair by yourself at home, then strictly follow the instructions given. After applying the coloring, if you feel any slight changes or allergic reaction get medical help as soon as possible. It may include swelling, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. Persons who have been coloring often have experience the anaphylactic reactions to PPD and person who have colored for the very first time may also suffer from these reactions. It might cause serious health issues for people.

Women who are pregnant can avoid coloring throughout the pregnancy period. It is better if they avoid it, Experts says. You could avoid getting full-on colour on your scalp because it might be risky somehow. So, be aware of coloring full on the scalp. Next, you could pick and try no-PPD formulas and its great if it works on you. As of now, you have possibly eliminated a toxin which could affect your scalp.

Get your hair coloring safer and have colorful waves on you!

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