Few tips for a Million Dollar look!

Few do’s and don'ts on clothing!
Few tips for a Million Dollar look!

You needn’t have to be a millionaire to have the incredible rich look. For this, you need to avoid a few mistakes to your desirable appearance. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts on clothing:

Animal prints

If you like to use animal prints avoid it on clothes but using to accessories like scarf, it gives you an elegant look.

Black Colour

For a classy look go for black clothes that look as good as new. Always remember not use to faded black colour.


Subtle neckline clothes give you confident and make feel comfortable. An over revealing neckline gives a bad impression.


Always choose classic design footwears because this doesn’t go out of fashion and also gives classy look. Say No to Large platform shoes.


Try and buy this is a golden rule when you purchase clothing. Wrong size (big or small) clothes spoils your look. Wear clothes that give you Perfect fit.

Dress Inner


If you love wearing lace clothing pick a dress with small lace elements. Avoid the abundance of lace.

Brand logos

Say No to fake branded clothing. For elegant look moderation in clothing is good.


Go in for solid, rich and heavy colours. Avoid neon colours.


Make sure your lingerie/underwear hidden by your clothes. Avoid too transparent clothing that reveal your lingerie/underwear.


Choose and wear subtle jewellery and avoid oversized plastic artificial ones.


Pick a bag with defined lines for your elegant look and bulky bag gives a bad look.

Sequins and glitter

Choose clothes with minimal and well-placed shiny/glittering elements. Sequins covered clothing is not a good pick.

Tights and socks

Avoid tights or socks while wearing open footwear. A good pedicure gives a better look on open footwear.

Combining colors

The classic colour combination is a hit. Black,  brown with dark blue this combo is a flop.

Precious metals jewellery

Avoid combinations of different precious metals. Jewellery made from one kind of precious metal.

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