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Tips to tone your body with yoga

Tips to tone your body with yoga

Yoga is one of the most traditional and effective forms of exercise. Nothing compares to how blissful it feels after a yoga session. Yoga relaxes your mind, soul and soothes the inner piece of anger. Alongside mentally, yoga will physically help you in toning your body, reduces your muscle aches etc. Unless and until you are in disguise or living in a dungeon, you will definitely know how important and useful yoga is. It is scientifically a well-established path which has numerous back-end benefits that some of you might not be aware of. In this article, we will look into some of the most crucial benefits that yoga gives your body.

1) Body Toning: Keeping good health aside, yoga also helps you in toning and shaping your body. An obese person can cut down weight by indulging in a yoga session. Yoga is special and unique since it has various poses that work in shaping different parts of our body. Hence, yoga can also be performed in case of body toning and weight loss.

2) Strength training: Yoga is no less than the strength training you undertake in your gyms. This training is all about strengthening your muscles and what better than Yoga can help you do so? In fact, yoga is a must swift route towards muscle strengthening than any other.

3) Meditation: Meditation is a part of mental yoga phase which helps you in rejuvenating your soul. Doctors say that meditation seems very easy going yet it is very effective and healthy for our body. Meditation on a regular basis is said to heal a person both physically and mentally. It is no less than therapy.

4) Surynamaskaras: There are twelve yoga poses, popularly known as the suryanamaskaras. In early days and even today, yoga devotees believe in communicating with the sun through these poses. Doctors say that performing suryanamaskaras frequently will eliminate joint pains and will keep you healthy.

These were four important things that attract people in performing yoga and ditching the other exercises.

Top-most poses in Yoga

1) The plank pose: This pose is one of the most popular floor-based yoga poses prevailing. By doing this, your shoulders, obliques and abdomen will get stronger than ever.

2) The chair pose: We might have considered the chair bend to be a punishment in the school days. But right now this is what benefits you burning fat near your gluteal muscles.

3) Crescent Lunges: Lunges will help you keep your legs on active mode and will tone your butt, calf muscles and the entire lower part of your body. This 90-degree bend looks casual but we can trust the doctors and yogis for saying it is a magical medicine for one’s body.

4) Side plank: There are various types of planks in yoga while some are very effective and will show instant results in body behaviour. Side planking is a pose that is dynamic and has to be held for a few seconds to experience the benefits.

So those were the top four poses that must be followed on a daily basis to maintain a perfect and healthy body. Yoga asanas have dual functionalities which will portray your inner happy self. Whichever doctor you consult, they will ask you to perform yoga because it is a medicine that has zero side effects.

It is said that yoga can beat the gym since it has its own package of strength training, pulls down aerobics and replaces it with more powerful poses. So from now on, let us sweat with yoga poses and take a dive into the deep ocean of meditation to keep our souls and bodies fit and fair.

Article By – Mr Satkam Divya, CEO, KlinicApp.




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