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Top 5 junk food items that you cannot stop digging into!

Top 5 junk food items that you cannot stop digging into!

It is 5pm and you are starting to feel hungry. You make a beeline towards the kitchen and start opening boxes and cupboards. You see an apple and an orange in the fridge, but go past that and pick out the container with cookies in it. One two three and you can’t stop eating, you bring the box to your work station and continue munching as you type away.  Similarly, while watching a movie late in the night, you are restless till that bag of chips is cut open and you bite into a crisp chip. This goes to show how some of the fast food items are very addictive and people cannot stop eating them. Let us look at the top 5 such junk food items that you cannot stop digging into.

Packaged Cookies-  Even though the box of cookies says it i s filled with chocolate  and nuts, it is not something you should reach out to. The sugar in the cookies not to mention the unsaturated fat is harmful for your body. You tell yourself you will have only one, but before you know it a box is done and trashed.  

Popcorn- We got for a movie, we do not enter the theater without a tub of popcorn topped with butter and flavours. Or at home on a lazy afternoon, we make a packet of microwave popcorn and binge on it. These are quite addictive. What many do not know is that it has 5 grams of trans fat per serving. Sounds like little but this is a lot considering it is twice as much fat as you are allowed per day. 

Colas and Sodas- The aerated drinks are the biggest offenders. The Coke and 7UP claim to be just soda with natural ingredients, but it is infact nothing but sugar and caffeine.  And we all know you can’t just have a sip and be done with it. 

Ketchup- Little ketchup on the fries, drop on the toast and some on the chips, well you have had more than just a cup of ketchup. Once again, these have quite a few unnatural ingredients and high levels of sugar, but we all love it, don’t we?.

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Fried Foods- Samosa, chips, french fries, papad well the list is endless.. We watch TV, we need chips, we wait for dinner, and we fry up some smileys. There are also the wontons and crispy fried chicken that people love so much.  Most of the items contain MSG or are fried in oil that has been repeatedly been used, which adds to the bad cholesterol building up in our body. But then, they taste so good, we are constantly seeking comfort in these little things. 

As you can see, the list is endless. There are others like cheese,  fast food and so much more which has become part of a daily food intake, and continues to harm our body in many ways than we could imagine. Next time you are offered a french fry, think twice before reaching out and dipping it into that mayo or sauce. 


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