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Top 5 trekking Quirks by Gaurav Punj

Top 5 trekking Quirks by Gaurav Punj

 Say “NO” to alcohol while trekking in the Himalayas!

One of the best things to keep your body warm while trekking is to drink Brandy or Rum. This statement is a myth and Gaurav Punj tells us why in his book “The land of Flying Lamas”

Himalayas is such a party pooper that we have “No alcohol Policy” you may not be cool enough to understand that right away, but there’s logic behind it, not some random WHIM. If altitude slows down digestion itself, how will the body cope with Alcohol? And forget everything that you know, Alcohol won’t keep you warm, it vasolidates (the dilatation of blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure), allowing more heat to dissipate throughout the skin and makes you feel cold, brazen and out of your mind.

If you really want to feel warm, just drink some water, wear some woolen socks and go to sleep, the body will do the rest”.

Top 5 trekking Quirks by Gaurav Punj

Trek Preparation: Can safely divide into mental and physical conditioning

Mental Preparation

The most important characteristic required for trekking is a sound temperament, I would any day rate it higher than physical fitness. By its very nature, trekking is an unpredictable activity. You are at the mercy of nature and have to be prepared for everything; Fickle weather (can be very sunny, then windy, then rainy and sunny again, all in less than thirty minutes) and pre-conceived notions. The thing to know (and understand) is that no matter how easy the trek grade, you are always going to be out of your comfort zone. Once you make peace with this, trust me, you will fall head over heels (figuratively only) or trekking.

Physical preparation

If it’s an easy or medium grade trek, basic fitness levels, that is, an ability to walk (and enjoy it) is all that you need. Of course if you are working out, running or any form of exercise, it will surely make trekking effortless and more enjoyable. For hard treks, it’s perhaps better to be prepared, especially by following a well-rounded training programme. This will usually be a mix of strength training, cardio- respiratory fitness and core strength and balancing. Here are the Top 5 trekking Quirks by Gaurav Punj:

1.Trekkers have wild mood swings. They cry, they sulk, they scream, they exult, they hug, they laugh like they have never laughed before, the whole jingbang. You can apply your own expertise in psychology to explain this but i think they are just overwhelmed.

2.Never listening to a returning trekker. They will massively exaggerate the difficulty of trek and will directly/indirectly imply that while they have been able to finish it, you don’t stand a chance. They feel invincible and you are a mere mortal now.

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3.When on a trek, existence is reduced to the bare basics, things that are essential but ignored in our daily lives. For example, it’s pretty common on a trek to have hour-long discussions (passionate ones too) on the colour, consistency and smell of your potty. Arguments break out over who snores the most or people share their deepest secrets about how often they actually bathe, brush, etc. back home.

4.Men whine much more than women while trekking. Oh Boy, I have put this in writing now, so no going back, bring on the anti-generalization brigade. But seriously, women are much more flexible in mind, much more adventurous, and believe it or not, much stronger.

5.If someone says they do eco-friendly trekking, slap them, okay at least laugh to their face. Are you the type to litter while walking at home or outside on the streets or break rules for fun? If not, you won’t do that on trek either, right? So why should someone else get the credit for your good habits. Trekking by default is an eco-friendly activity; you can only make it “non-eco” by being inconsiderate.

To know about Indian Himalaya – Read :The Land of Flying Lamas  by Gaurav Punj


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