Workout pictures of these South Indian celebrities will give you major fitness goals

We always wonder what our favourite actresses do to look so good.  We know they are all so naturally good looking but we tell you here about how the...

We always wonder what our favourite actresses do to look so good.  We know they are all so naturally good looking but we tell you here about how the top 10 actresses maintain their beauty and stay in shape.


Though Trisha is a foodie, she is one actress down south who has always managed to keep fit and pretty.  The actress loves healthy snacking. Trisha indulges in personal training. She is a fitness freak and has a need to work out every day. She relies on vitamin C and always has a bowl of fruits. She is into juicing. Orange and pomegranate juices are her favourites and she never skips a meal.

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Age is a just a number for this glowing actress. One of her fans had commented on her picture recently in a social networking site saying her age is inversely proportional to her beauty. She had to work hard on her body as she was on the fatter side, so she hired a personal trainer and lost all her flab.  She now maintains a balanced diet and works out regularly.


Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal’s popularity is now soaring . The actress who looks so young does a lot of yoga. She does weight too training too depending on its availability. she loves   Her favourite meal is from the brand Goodfoodthc and she also made an Instagram post about it.

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Tamanna Bhatia

Tamannah Bhatia is always called a milky beauty. She says she avoids having junk food and has a lot of steamed food to stay in shape. She loves sindhi food and also happened to post on instagram that ‘nothing can beat Ghar Ka Sindhi khanna’. She believes that a well-built physique is a status symbol and it reflects how hard you worked for it.Here’s a video of Tamannah working out at the Gym.

New found love #Pilates, thank u @motwanineelam for introducing me to it ???

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Keerthy Suresh

The new hot favourite actress despite her busy schedule manages to keep fit by doing a lot of cardio exercises.  The actress also does cycling and also does weight training.  For breakfast, she has cereal with milk or whole wheat toast. She has her dinner early so that she does not put on calories.

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Anushkha Shetty

The actress stole out heart with the Chennai Silks ad and the many movies she did.  She is always considered as an actress who manages to look stunning even without makeup. Anushka Shetty believes in having lots of water and believes in yoga and meditation.  She eats healthy and has lot of lemon juice. She drinks up to drink 6 litres of water every day. 

Priya Anand 

The cute looking Priya Anand was not interested in exercising.  Things changed for her in 2012 when she realized the importance of taking care of herself. She wakes up at 4.30 am and she does yoga on the beach with friends. She watches the sun rise and that makes her happy.  She works out for 2 hours after that in the morning.


Shruti Hassan

Shruti, Tamil Nadu’s doll , believes in lots of sleep and water.  She relies on exercise and diet to stay in shape. The actress believes in using organic products and doesn’t use products that have chemicals.  She washes her face regularly and applies night cream. In the day-break, she applies moisturiser and carries a sun-screen all the time.  She has lot of salad and pasta and  prefers dance over going to gym. “I love to dance and end up exercising while dancing. I am trying to get into yoga as well as I believe it’s great for the body and the mind. I also regularly workout,” Shruti told IANS when asked about how she remains healthy.

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Amy Jackson

The British beauty, Amy Jackson is known for her detox videos . She is a lot into juicing and is a believer into doing what one enjoys. She trains almost every day. Amy engages in functional training, yoga and dance classes. The actress does not have junk food, has seventy percent carbohydrates and 30 percent protein so that she puts on muscles without losing weight.

Following in Cooper the Parrot’s footsteps.. Early bird ? #GymBuddies #Goals ??

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In spite of her extremely busy schedule, she works out in the gym regularly.  She makes time for workouts and her trainer, Dhayarajesh loves her commitment levels . Her trainer says she always arrives 15 minutes earlier to the gym   Dhayarajesh has acknowledged in the past that Samantha is one of the fittest celebrities of south India. In case she is not shooting, she jogs in her shoot location.

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