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Tovo Infusions in Chennai… leaves customers confused!

Tovo Infusions in Chennai… leaves customers confused!

Whenever a new restaurant comes to town, there will be quite a bit of buzz, people get curious and the market wakes up to the new kid on the block. Here is a new restaurant in Chennai called Tovo Infusions on RK Salai that is promising customers a cuisine that is an infusion of sorts. They are talking about adding a twist to familiar dishes and giving people a surprise with every bite.

 “Each and every item in the menu is infused with regional flavours that can be customised according to the consumers’ preference. At Tovo “We don’t make food – We craft it”, that’s exactly what we do” kis their tag line.Their signature is the Gourmet Buns that are used for the burgers, which are known to be soft and huge. Most people who have visited Tovo raved about the size of the burger and spoke about how sloppy the burger was. From the minute you walk into the place, you will be wowed by the décor and the colours used across the restaurant. Open for lunch through to dinner, the place sees quite a bit of crowd especially over the weekends.

The one thing that is worthy of mention is that even though their menu is predominantly non vegetarian, they have made sure to include a few vegetarian options as well. So, if you are going as a group and there are a few vegetarians in it, they will not go hungry.

The menu starts with Appetizers, moving on meaty chicken dishes to burgers and some delicious desserts. However, the big question that lingers in most customers’ mind is “what is the cuisine all about? What are the flavours like? When Raghu [a pure vegetarian] visited the place with a few friends, he fell in love with the décor and found the staff to be very friendly and ready to please. But when it came down to ordering food, he was lost as there were not too many options. He opted for the Indian Cheese dish, which was quite disappointing. All he got was a big slice of Paneer grilled on a Tava with a sauce of his preference on top [cheese based sauce]. He felt it lacked flavour and the paneer was hard and chewy. Similarly, when it came to ordering beverages he ordered the Smoothie Hot Chocolate, which was again bland sans any flavour at all. But then his friends, who were non vegetarians, enjoyed what they ordered.

“Well I really liked the interiors…a bit like a cafe but still good. My burger was alright.. It was super huge but didn’t taste as good as I expected it to. Little extra fried and I asked for a creamy and cheesy burger, but it was far from that. I think their sauces really spoiled it.. The chicken was very juicy though.. So, if you are planning a visit I suggest you try one of their chicken dishes. Their desserts are very so-so! The service was good and the staffs there were friendly!

I would rate it a 3 on 5… for the interiors, service and the chicken!”- Yagnesh Ravi, MBA Student.

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We also managed to speak to Shadir and Wasim, who are big time foodies and have been eating across the country and event the world, so their standards are quite high. They visited Tovo independently couple of months ago and while Wasim loved the food there, especially the chicken in Gourmet Buns [which felt like a jumbo burger, was juicy and yummy] but felt the process of placing the order took way too long. The waiter asked him about his choice of marinate and sauce and what not. And then he decided to try the Rice Crepes [Dosa] with chilli garlic, which seemed simpler. It was good and super spicy, but in a good way. He says “it was more like an addiction; i knew it was spicy and i might pay the price, but I enjoyed it“. However on a repeat visit, there was a small piece of the chicken that was undercooked, but apart from that the food was quite good.

Shadir says “We first ordered the rice crepes with chilli garlic which nearly burnt my tongue with the spice factor. We then decided to split a Smooth and Soft Chicken with Original Buttery infusion sauce, Hyderabadi Spice as regional topping and finally top notch seasonal topping. Also a Gourmet Buns chicken with Tangy Cheese and Herbs infusion sauce, Mogul Laces as regional topping and high seasonal topping. Smooth and soft chicken was too good. Perfect Buns, Cheese, Egg and finally the winner the fantastic lip smacking chicken. I would sure love to see a burger which would challenge this burger. For now I am head over heels with this burger.
After the sensational burger we had a Butterscotch with Praline shake just to have small dessert kind of finish to the meal.”

Well, looks like the place has a few hits and miss. But only time will tell on how long they survive it out there!!

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