Tradition Chettinad cuisine come to Chennai!

Madurai famous Kumar Mess has opened its door in Chennai!
Tradition Chettinad cuisine come to Chennai!

Chettinad cuisine is about the masalas. Spices grounded into powder, mixed with every dish transform it into the perfect delicacy.

The city of Madurai is famous for its temples but is also famous for its array of Chettinad hotels, one in particular Kumar Mess which opened its door in Chennai.

The restaurant located is Vadapalani serves traditional items like Nattu Kozhi, Kola Urundai, Varutha Kari and many more.

Kumar Inner 2

The restaurant clearly states that they don’t use Ajinomoto and artificial colouring.

They also serve various types of omelets like nandu, chicken, mutton and fish. Kumar Mess specialty is their dove, quail and rabbit chops gravy which is best eaten with steamed rice.

The menu was vast. Chicken biryani, nalli roast, kola urundai and chicken omelet with buttermilk is a complete meal.

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The nattu kozhi biryani oozes Chettinadu taste as the spices are blended well with rice. It is not too dry and you definitely need buttermilk for this one. The nalli roast is made with fresh mutton and the meat is perfectly cooked. It is slow cooked that the marrow retaining its juice.

Kola urundai is small in size but perfect with a handful of biryani. Unlike other restaurants where cardamom is added to the minced meat, here it has been avoided. This lets the taste of the meat remain. The chicken omelet is definitely the best dish. Minced chicken is topped with eggs and fried with oil. The dish melts in your mouth as you start eating it. All in all Kumar Mess is a must try for all Chettinad food-lovers.

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