• Nature’s feast is available here in India!
  • Red-zoned places for safety purposes yet bloom in their heavenly beauty!
You might be taken back when you see the word prohibited, right? Well, it does not discourage traveling or tourism in any way. Since India is a place of mystery and has been known for its spell-binding beautiful places, it still has some places which are out of our reach. When you are ready to explore India, you gotta go intensely to understand every place and to inhale its breeze. However, you might have heard about haunted places of India and which are even prohibited to enter. Similarly, some places are captivating in their beauty and make the visitors walk through the fears that exist. So, here is a list of stupendous places in India which are prohibited.
This is one of the most alluring places in India where you are not allowed to visit. It justifies its name by its natural serenity in and around the park. It was due to the Maoist attack at Silent Valley National Park in Kerala, there has been a fall in the tourist inrush. But the tropical evergreen forests of the national park are still with their natural
beauty would drag people in.
The beauty of Chambal is still unmatched in any other place. You would wish to stop here as it worth watching and experiencing it. But still, the danger of falling prey to the regional dacoits exists and so it is often avoided by travelers. You would be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the river basin yet it is the most popular forbidden place in India.
Bastar is a district in Chattisgarh with Naxalite activities which is why it is categorized as a red zone place. It is completely enchanting with its abundant natural beauty. ​ Additionally, the district is home to the Indian Niagara Falls called Chitrakoot. How could such a pretty place be prohibited? And that’s what makes the irony right here.
To some, the place would be completely new to hear but it is completely a picturesque place with its heavenliness ambiance. This small town has been located in Odisha and it takes some 200 km away from Bhubaneswar. Like Silent Valley National Park, Phulbani also comes under the red corridor of India as it is affected by Maoists. The place discloses the exquisiteness of it through the wonderful gushing waterfalls and lush green environment as well.
Of course, this prohibition for Phulbani might leave you perturbed by learning the beauty of the place.
You might have noticed people saying they traveled to Andaman but not many of us have told about Nicobar tales. Well, that’s so true! The islands are filled with dense forests and encircled with captivating beaches that could never be described in words. Howbeit, foreigners would use passes to enter the Islands, and visitors are not allowed to enter the tribal belts. It could only be opened for any special purposes such as research but with strict formalities. This makes Nicobar be such a destination where many people would never choose to go even if they wish to.
Barren Island is located in Andaman and Nicobar and it is the only active volcano in India. You could even notice the red-hot lava and smoke erupting from the mouth of the volcano from a distance by staying inside the ship. Surprisingly, the place is truly hypnotizing and beautiful even in many captures. However, none is allowed to go closer to the hill as it is not really safe.
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