Malaysia Visa For Indians: Here’s All You Need To Know Before You Travel

In 2017, the Malaysian government implemented an e-visa system to make visa applications and tourism easier in the country. As a result, Indian citizens can apply for both an electronic visa (e-visa) and an electronic travel registration and information (e-NTRI) as long as they meet the visa requirements. Additionally, Indian nationals can stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days and make multiple entries using the e-visa.

All other nations are only allowed single-entry visas; hence Indians are currently the only ones who can enter many times with the same visa. But do you need a visa to enter Malaysia? Yes, Indians require a visa to visit Malaysia. But don’t fret, as compared to other nations, the process for Indian passport holders is relatively simple, and here’s your comprehensive guide to Malaysia visa for Indians.

Is It Possible To Get A Visa On Arrival In Malaysia If You Are An Indian Citizen?

Indian citizens are unable to enter Malaysia and apply for a tourist visa on the spot. Only Indian citizens who visit Malaysia via a third country, such as Thailand, Singapore, or Indonesia, are eligible for a visa on arrival. If you plan to travel to these other countries as well, this makes sense; hence, a Malaysia visa for Indians is a must.

What’s The Eligibility For Malaysia Visa For Indians?

• The traveller must have a valid Indian passport.
• Travellers must meet the visa application procedure’s eligibility standards.
• The visitor should have the sound financial stability to handle their visit to Malaysia effectively. Section 8 of the Immigration Act 1959/63 makes it illegal for certain people to enter Malaysia.

Even on a tourist Malaysia visa for Indians, additional eligibility criteria is dependent on the purpose of the visit.

Procedure for Malaysia Visa for Indians

The two alternatives for commencing the Malaysian visa process are offline and online, but the process may differ based on the type of visa you are seeking. Visa applications should be forwarded to the Malaysian Representative Office Abroad nearest to your previous address. Indian people, on the other hand, will have to apply online using the

I-Visa system. Read the two key takeaways below:

• An e-visa will allow you to enter Malaysia only once if you are planning a vacation there.
• You will have to apply offline for numerous entries.

Documents Needed to Apply for A Malaysian Visa Online

• Return air tickets
• Scanned colour copy of the first and last pages of your passport.
• Two scanned colour recent passport-size images shot against a white backdrop with a matte finish, valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
• Minors’ birth certificates.
• Hotel reservation confirmation.

How To Check Status Malaysia Visa For Indians?

You can track the status of your Malaysian visa application on the Malaysian Embassy’s online portal. You will be issued a code as proof that your application has begun.

What is an Indian e-NTRI Visa in Malaysia?

For Indians, the e-NTRI visa waiver is a 15-day electronic travel authorization that allows them to visit Malaysia. It is valid for three months and permits you to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days. However, the e-NTRI visa waiver is only valid for one entry.

The Advantages Of Applying For A Malaysian Visa As An Indian

Indians can apply for both an e-NTRI visa waiver and a Malaysian e-Visa. You may want to apply for one more than the other, depending on your reasons for visiting and the length of time you plan to stay.

So, from traditional island life to jaw-dropping skyscrapers (including one of the world’s tallest in Kuala Lumpur) to natural rainforests and jungles, this year-round tropical country would be a treat for every type of traveller. However, don’t forget to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy from reputable insurers like Care Health Insurance, so you’re financially covered for both medical and non-medical emergencies.

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