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Treasure the secrets of the world @ Santorini

Treasure the secrets of the world @ Santorini

Greece tops the tourist destination every time. This is where the island of Santorini, found its place. This is the most-loved place when you sail in the sea and get into the view of the massive caldera or sea-filled volcanic crater. You could have the alluring view of Fira and Oia islands which are the most expensive destinations. Each and every traveling soul must have listed awe-inspiring Santorini. This is one of the famous romantic destinations for couples. Santorini, on the whole, attracts visitors through the extraordinary landscape and its majestic ancient archaeological sites. This is almost popular for honeymooners, couples and celebrities. You could have seen this place in many popular cinemas and songs. The architectural designs of the buildings and walls will make you wonder. Let’s see the top five places to visit in Santorini.

  1. Fira: Fira is the capital of Santorini and it is otherwise known as Thira. This place is completely made up of whitewashed cubic houses and terraces, winding lanes, little squares and highly erected blue-domed churches perched on the cliffs 300 meters above the caldera. Fira invites you with bluish atmosphere and provided pleasant serene experience. Fira can be reached through walking or riding or by taking the cable-car. Flamboyant Fira has been spreading with small hotels, apartments, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and jewelers.
  2. Caldera: This vibrant place is formed by the massive volcanic explosion which blew the center out of the island some 3,600 years ago. Present day, Caldera is the sea-filled volcanic crater which remained at the place. Right now, various agencies propound one-day excursion of the Caldera by boat. It includes bath time in the hot springs and then has a delicious lunch on Thirassia which is a tiny island on the west side of the caldera that renders amazing view back to Santorini across the bluish water.
  3. Akrotiri Archaeological site and Red Beach: This vigorous place is near the village of modern Akrotiri and is 12 kilometers southwest of Fira where the ancient settlement of Akrotiri was buried under the lava during 16th century BC volcanic eruption which created the birth of caldera. Before the excavation, Santorini was an amazing island probably providing shipping and trading. Akrotiri is reopened to the public in 2012 followed by several years of closure. Red Beach will provide a spectacular view of the red cliff wall and it will amaze you with a ferocious look of the cliff.
  4. Oia: Oia is located on the northern tip of Santorini which is 12 kilometers up from Fira. Like Fira, it also provides tourism and with a picturesque view of the village of Whitewashed houses. Some of the places have been transformed into chic little boutique hotels incorporated with infinity pools by overlooking the caldera. One amazing thing is that it is possible to walk all the way from Fira to Oia on foot. Wonderful colors of houses and steps will lit your eyes up!
  5. Beach of Perissa: The best known and most popular beaches of Santorini are found in the South East coast between the villages of Perrissa and Perivolos. The sands of the beach will be grayish black which will attract you as much as the place itself. It is then known as black volcanic sand and backed by lively tamarisk trees with scrumptious sea-food taverns and cafes. It also proffers with sunbeds and umbrellas to make yourself chill and also thrilling water sports facilities.

Don’t you feel amazing by the descriptions of place? It also offers some other spectacular places like Ancient Thira, the museum at Fira and majestic Mount of Profitis Ilias which are waiting to give you awe-struck feel!

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