Cufflinks from the Forevermark Icon™ Collection

Superheroes may live in comic books and fiction stories but each of us have our very own superheroes right at home — our Fathers! Childhood memories are often flooded with dads fixing things at home, playing ball, helping with homework, being the strong shoulders to cry on when times are tough, and inculcating the right values. A dad becomes the yard stick for strength, morals and courage that we measure all other people against. This Father’s Day (and everyday) let’s celebrate this icon by gifting him a rare, genuine and beautiful natural diamond from the Forevermark Icon™ Collection.

Exquisite in design, contemporary in appeal, this collection, inspired by the brilliance of a starry South African night sky combined with the outline of a diamond, makes for the perfect simile of a father’s love for his child which is as expansive as the sky and as precious as a diamond. That’s why Forevermark is the perfect gift choice this Father’s Day as only less than 1% of diamonds qualify as Forevermark.

Forevermark Icon™ Collection has a contemporary set of cufflinks set in 18K white gold and enamel crafted with natural diamonds. The collection takes cues from the brand’s distinctive ‘icon’ motif — two everlasting symbols of forever — which has been intrinsic to its DNA since its inception. Forevermark’s unique inscription is an assurance of the brand’s exceptional standards of beauty and rarity and that each one of its diamonds is responsibly sourced.

Here are some gift options that will show your dad just how much of an Icon he is in your life:

Debonair and Dashing Diamond Cufflinks for Dad

Gift your dad understated sophistication with a dash of debonair and a splash of charm with these Iconic Forevermark cuff links. A perfect remembrance of your love and the bond that the two of you share, this iconic pair of diamond cufflinks will complete any formal look and ensure that your dad will always stand out in a crowd!

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