‘I am true-Tamizhan’- Rajini

Rajini urges fans to be patient. Tells them to be ready to face war!
'I am true-Tamizhan' - Rajini

‘I am true-Tamizhan’- Rajini

Meeting fans here in Chennai actor Rajinikanth sent out a cheerful message to his fans, saying, ‘We will see when the war comes. Till then let us remain calm’.

Rajini’s comments seem to be in sync with his fans’ high expectations that he should enter politics.

But he keeps his fans guessing without making it clear whether he meant elections as war.

Rajini Inner

Addressing his fans during the last day of his photo session with them at Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam here, the actor said, ‘Whatever I say about politics has become a subject matter of debate. I did not expect that my political comments create a controversy’.

Observing that one could not grow without opposition, more so in politics, where there would definitely arm against us, he said ‘Opposition is the capital investment in politics’.

‘Tamils have given this life to me. Should not I come to politics to ensure that they also lead a happy and decent life’, he asked.

‘Political change needed’

‘But the political system in Tamilnadu is not good. Democracy is gone’, Rajinikanth said and added that there is a need for a change to set things right. For that to happen there has to be a change in people’s mindset. Political change in Tamilnadu will happen only if everyone come together’, Rajinikanth said.

‘Criticisms is good’

Noting that he saw the criticisms against him as fertilizer for a plant and the soil in which seeds were sown, the actor said ‘those speaking against us are rather helping us to grow.’

‘I have personal work, duties and responsibilities. You (fans) also have your work, family and responsibilities to look after’, he said.

‘TN is my home’

He said he was pained to see that the remarks made in the midst of his fans were being criticised in social media in a demeaning way and ‘a question arises whether I am a Tamilian’.

He said he lived in Karnataka only for 23 years. ‘But for the last 44 years, I am living in Tamilnadu…I am living with you (fans) with your support ‘

‘It was you who gave me the name, fame and money and made me a Tamilian’, he added.

Asserting that he is a true-blooded Tamilian, Rajinikanth said, ‘If you ask me to go out of Tamilnadu or if you throw me out, I will only fall in the Himalayas and not in any other State.’

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