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Your best friend is getting married and you want to gift something that is different and offbeat. Or it is your mom’s birthday and you want to gift her...

Your best friend is getting married and you want to gift something that is different and offbeat. Or it is your mom’s birthday and you want to gift her something new. Tired of all the vouchers and boring gifts, people are constantly looking for something innovative. And that is how Ultimate Kopie was born, says Avleen Kaur.  She goes on to share that they have been in the business for less than a year and have customers across the globe. It is amazing how the concept caught on and people were more than happy to try us out.

What are these all about?

We create miniature ceramic dolls that are replicas of people. Yes, you heard it right. Send us photographs of people and we will recreate the same thing in ceramic that you can gift or just cherish for years to come. 

These dolls are just 18cm tall and there are times when we get orders for an entire family, in such cases we create a plank which can hold upto 6 members. These dolls require no major maintenance outside of the regular dusting and they will stay good forever. Keep them in a place away from small children as they are breakable.  Our pieces look almost life like, you will notice that the features, colours, and just about everything else is a close resemblance to the real person. This ofcourse depends on the photographs shared with us. We have people requesting dolls made with specific outfits going all the way down to colours and patterns. It is always fun, some orders do push us over the edge, but receiving the feedback and reactions is all the reward we need to keep us going. 

We have been part of exhibitions and markets, and it is always beautiful watching people gape as they view the dolls and the hear us out. 

What does Kopie mean?

The word is actually a Dutch word, meaning “Replica”. When the company was being set up, we wanted a name that was unique and dug around quite a bit. And finally settled on this and we added “Ultimate” to it. We believe it is the ultimate gift you can give someone!

Where are you based?

Oh we are based in Pondicherry in Tamil nadu. But we ship across the country and the world. Does not matter where you are from, if you have reached out to us you will get your Kopie! 

How long does it take to complete an order?

It takes anywhere between 30- 35 days for the entire process to be completed and when done, we ship it out in a neatly packaged box across the globe.  The customers have two options, one they choose a standardized Kopi where in the doll will have a dress and  posture that is premade, but the hairstyle and face will be sculpted exclusively for the other. These dolls are smaller at 12cm. The other one is the customized Kopie where we create the dolls completely from scratch for the customer. These dolls are 18cm tall.  

What is the cost like?

The cost is anywhere between Rs 3500 to Rs4000.  Since the dolls are all handmade and require a lot of effort, time and care, we do not take on too many orders at any pint of time.  And we are the only company to be doing these so far!

How does one order?

You can either call us on +91 8883588839 or send an email at theultimatekopie@gmail.com. We do recommend you check out our Facebook page to know more about us- https://www.facebook.com/theultimatekopie 

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