#LikeABoss: Gifting guide for International Boss Day

We can all agree that having a boss who is also a mentor is a professional blessing! They are someone who provides guidance and are reliable and trustworthy. A good boss helps their team to excel professionally while taking care of them on a personal level. On this International Boss Day, recognize their efforts and their caliber to lead and support the team. Show your appreciation by gifting them thoughtful items from the following list:

Leatherbound journal:

A good leatherbound journal can never go wrong. A boss is known for their ability to find innovative solutions and come up with creative ideas. What better place to brainstorm these potentially path-breaking ideas than a dedicated leatherbound journal?


If your boss is on top of their game, it is because they’ve got their life under control. That being said, there are some gadgets that make the work from home life easier and better manageable. A good pair of wireless earbuds and a Fitbit can definitely allow your boss to take some work calls while getting their steps in for the day.

Natural personal care products:

Self-care is a form of love, right? Gift your boss some natural personal care products that can fit perfectly into their self-care routine.

The Zero Dilution Face Wash range by Brillare is the first of its kind in India. It has no fillers or synthetic chemicals and solely employs natural components like neem leaves, orange peels, and rose petals.

The Power Drops by Brillare are the world’s most potent face serums, created entirely of strong natural actives with no water or chemical dilution, so each drop is like an ocean of nourishment for your skin.

The haircare range by Brillare does wonders for your hair and shoos the bad hair days away! This gift will make your boss feel like letting their hair down.

Healthy snacks hamper:

Everyone gets the hunger pangs while working on something important yet time-consuming- your boss is no exception. Gift your boss a healthy snack hamper that allows them to indulge in these urges without neglecting their health.

A luxury spirit bottle – The Macallan 12 YO Double Cask:

Nothing sounds more like a celebration than a luxurious dram of The Macallan 12 YO Double Cask. An ideal luxury gift to show appreciation for all the times your boss provided valuable guidance, support and recognised your efforts. It is time to recognise them for all that they are!

A whisky glass set:

A whisky glass set serves as a good reminder to unwind and spend some time with friends and loved ones.

Desk decor:

While decor is a subjective choice, a reliable desk pad will come in handy for anyone working from home. Add a little comfort to your boss’ work from set up.

A handwritten note:

Sometimes it is not about the gift but the words of appreciation. Write a handwritten note detailing all the times you have looked up to your boss and what makes them so special. Do it for the memories!

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