Urban Indians do not take care of their health!

68% of urban Indians do not practice preventive health care at an early stage when they do not suffer From lifestyle disorders!
Urban Indians do not take care of their health!

It is said that prevention is better than cure, however, a recent survey conducted by Himalaya and IMRB has revealed that 68% of urban Indians do not practice preventive health care at an early stage when they do not suffer From lifestyle disorders. This is perhaps the first survey conducted in the country that tried to understand wellness trends in India.

The survey was conducted to bring out the trends and perceptions about ‘wellness’ amongst urban adults in three key markets – Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. A total sample size of 896 urban and semi-urban people belonging to the age group of 20-55 years was interviewed to draw insights to understand the perception of wellness in India. The survey has revealed that respondents from Mumbai perceived themselves to be healthier compared to the other two cities.

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The survey has found that 61% of people have acknowledged facing some health issues, with joint pains (27%), low immunity (19%) and obesity (12%) being the top of it. Out of this, females and elderly are more prone to having a higher incidence of any health issues. The findings also state that people are now willing to make lifestyle shifts in order to achieve overall wellness. People recognized that preventive wellness is necessary to ensure a healthy tomorrow and this increase in awareness reflects the need for change in everyone’s hectic routines.

Moreover, 49% of the people considered supplements and Ayurveda products as effective preventive wellness measures.

Dr. Mohamed Rafiq, Principal Scientist-Research and Development Center, The Himalaya Drug Company said, ‘This survey is a step towards understanding people’s perceptions and beliefs towards wellness. It reveals that while people have a high appreciation for preventive healthcare, they seldom practice necessary steps required to achieve overall wellness.’

62% of respondents believed that work-life balance is the key to achieving a healthy life and 67% of the respondents attribute wellness to maintaining a balanced diet. According to 80% of respondents, improper diet was the main reason for their health issues.

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Key highlights

* 68% of all people do not practice preventive health care from an early stage when they do not suffer from any chronic lifestyle disorders.

* Out of all the people who believe supplements are necessary to prevent diseases, only 42.85% consume it.

* Young people are more inclined towards preventive healthcare, with 93% of preventive health care seekers belonging to 20-30 age group – Lack of self-motivation (34%) as well as time constraints (23%) are the key barriers to adopt preventive measures.

* Preventive health seekers are more inclined towards physical fitness and curative health seekers towards taking health supplements.

* Health drinks, home-made protein shakes and Chyawanprash are commonly used food or health supplements. About 1/10th of people in Delhi and Mumbai use vitamin or mineral tablets.

* 85% of Mumbaikars believe that self-initiative was the best way to stay healthy, 58% of Bengalurueans relate to mental stimulation and socializing for being healthy.

* 72% of Bengalurueans believe that work-life balance is the most important aspect of preventive health care.

* 53% of Delhiites initiate healthy habits to maintain good physical appearance.

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