Va Pho is all about pan-Asian dining!

The restaurant fulfills your gastronomical desires by combining together the essential blend of food and fun.
Va Pho is all about pan-Asian dining!

Va Pho, is the latest hot spot for foodies in the city. This place serves pan-Asian delicacies from various countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Myanmar. The restaurant fulfills your gastronomical desires by combining together the essential blend of food and fun.

It magically infuses a delectable cuisine prepared with rich ingredients along with a lively ambiance that allows one to have utmost fun, making it a perfect place to explore your cravings.

For those who like to experiment with their food, as for the house special. The Rangoon Princess, a sweet refreshing guava mocktail. One gets a hint of cranberry flavour. Little to realise there is no cranberry. Next is the Saigon soup which was really good, just the perfect light starter, not too spicy and not too bland. Then feasted on the Kam Hoang Squid, which was the best part of the meal. It was perfectly done, crisp and properly marinated. Choti massaman lamb was good, was too peanut for my taste. The Bao fish was crisped and served with a salad. Not a good idea for the calorie conscious folks but just looking makes you want to devour it. For momo lovers, Hargow is the recommend. The outer covering is transparent and soft and inside its juicy.

Va Pho Inner

The dessert is a delight here. They overflow with deliciousness. Just a bunch of simple sweet stuff put together to perfection, the frozen brownies are a bomb.

In accordance with its name Vapholicious, the dessert causes an aggravated orgasm in your mouth. A large bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with wafers, cherries, choco sticks and other assortment is a definite dig in.

The restaurant has transformed itself into the hot spot for Asian comfort food in the city.

The interiors of Va Pho is made up of vibrant colours. The walls are decorated with graffiti meant to reflect the mood of the millennia. The restaurant offers diners an exciting gaming option such as Jenga, Monopoly, Chess and Chinese checker which can be played during short breaks while dining.

According to chef Vimal, ‘There are a lot of pan-Asian restaurants in Chennai but we wanted to create a unique blend into Asian cuisine. The experiment worked. Our menu is small but the taste and flavours are abundant. We have incorporated a lot various delicacies from several southeastern countries. A lot of research has gone into it. Our menu is small but we will keep changing it every three months so people enjoy  different flavours.’

All in all Va Pho’s menu might be small but their food is a celebration in the mouth. The restaurant is on its way to becoming Chennai’s go to place for foodies.

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