Wang’s Kitchen celebrates momos!

Momos are becoming hot favorites among many.
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Momos are becoming hot favorites among many. This easy to eat dish is healthy as it is steamed and sometimes fried.

‘It is everybody’s favourite and that is why we have chosen them,’ claims Lee Chai Chung, executive chef at Wang’s Kitchen.

The momo festival is on at all their outlets and has been inspired by the concept of just popping the momo into your mouth. ‘The momos are already dipped in the sauce and fried. This, in turn, enhances their flavour,’ said Chung.

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The recipes for the festival were crafted completely by chef Lee Chai Chung. Most of them are his original recipes and sauces. Adding a new twist to the otherwise steamed momos, are pan fried and deep fried. The kothey (pan fried) ones are steamed first then fried in a pan. They are then tossed in different sauces.

In the kothey variety, they serve spicy mayo tossed momos and smoked garlic tossed one. These are tasted and surprisingly good considering it was only half fried.

Filled with all the goodness of veggies, these momos come with a twist. The secret weapon of the smoked garlic momo is unleashed only after you have swallowed it leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste. The spicy mayo tossed momo leaves a lasting impression than the other.

‘The spicy mayo tossed momo is my personal favourite,’ said Chung.

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In the deep fried ones, the Devils, Manchurian sauce, kung pao and cheese dipped momos are some of the best tries.

Deep fried, they were crispy with all the goodness of cheese and spices. Devil’s momos were served with schezwan dressing and are spicy. The Manchurian sauced ones were bathed in the sauce and the filling had lots of chicken and corn. However, the cheese dipped dumplings were a disappointment.

Kung pao momo was the underestimated of the lot. With chicken filling and rich sauces, this one was a definite hit.

‘Everybody adds cheese to everything now, so we decided that cheese dipped momo would be a delicious one,’ said Chung.

The concept of the festival was definitely achieved and was a thoroughly delectable experience.

The momo festival is on till the end of May. The restaurants are open from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.   

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