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Wanna Baby Skin Looks?!

Wanna Baby Skin Looks?!

Wanna Baby Skin Looks?!

Some people always interpret good looks with external appearance, young-looking skin and nice body structure. But it’s always said that always feel young inside and out. There are common mistakes we do. Here’s a list of mistakes that should be avoided for a healthy and long life.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep, has a significant effect on the functionality of the skin and ageing process.  Among other benefits, sleeping stimulates the flow of oxygen in your skin. According to a study, people who get good night’s sleep are more attractive and healthy than those who don’t. The optimal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours.

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Choose Sedentary Lifestyle

People who exercise often leads healthy and long life. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend your whole life at the gym but a moderate 30 minutes exercise a day (walking can also be counted) can lead to 10-13 years longer life than inactive people.

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Constantly being under too much stress affects your health thus making you feel old. Try relaxing, take a deep breath and choose to solve one problem at a time. Let stress take back seat.

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Remove Makeup at bedtime

Leaving makeup on your skin all night causes dry skin, triggers skin rashes and makes your eyelashes fall out. Always clean your skin every night and apply some moisturising skin care products. This promotes healthy skin and slows down ageing. Use products that protect your skin against UV radiation.

Sunscreen for all Seasons

The common mistake we do is, applying SPF sunscreens only when we go to beach or pools and especially during summer seasons. It’s important to apply sunscreens whenever you are outdoors, regardless of the seasons because your skin is exposed to UV rays all the time. Remember that UV rays cause wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing.

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Ignoring Facial Care

The most common and first place for wrinkles to appear is on your face. Especially around your eyes. It’s time to look for proper skin care products. Products should contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins A or E and moisturising too! Read the label carefully printed on the jar, it will have information about the product to be used for that particular eye area.

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Say No to Soft Drinks

The high sugar content and calories in the soft drinks affect the ageing process. According to a study, intake of soda speeds up the ageing process of DNA. Fortunately, we have other healthy choices like water, natural/fresh juices, smoothies and so on.

Nutritious Food

Always have a well-balanced diet plan. Do remember that not all fats are bad for our skin. Include more fruits and vegetables to your diet, and also remember about salmon, sardines, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and extra virgin olive oil. These healthy eating habits make you feel better and lead towards a healthy life.


In several ways, smoking is bad for our health. It not only damages your body and internal organs but also affects your skin directly by changing its colour accelerating the ageing process, covering the pores, and depleting your cells of oxygen. Smoking 2 cigarettes a day reduces your life by 30 minutes. So each day you smoke a pack, you’re taking 5 hours off your life.

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