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Wedding favours in exotic flavors

Wedding favours in exotic flavors

The festivities of the year are in full swing, and the winter wedding season has arrived with its grand entourage. In case you are someone who has a wedding in the family this season, you will undoubtedly be faced with countless to-do items and an exhausting number of decisions to make. One of these crucialchoices is about the wedding favours and giveaways for your guests. These are not merely gifts, but rather, statements that accompany your wedding invitations or convey the host’s regards when presented at various functions. It certainly requires careful thought and planning, especially as many view it as one of the key tasks for families in the run up to the wedding. The fact remains, for long after the wedding festivities fade in the minds of your attendees, your favours will still be there, reminding them of the gala time they had at your occasion.Here are some simple reasonsfor you to choose The Hillcart Tales luxury tea hampers as your perfect wedding favors:



Your wedding must be outstanding and one that rules hearts forever. No matter how expensiveor elaborate the platters of dried fruits, nuts or Indian sweets you give, you still run the risk of being one of many such packages that your guests receive during this season, making it just ‘another one’. On the other hand, a tastefully designed hamper of our luxury teas will feature awe-inspiring blends of rare fragrances and flavors. There is no way that your guests are forgetting that anytime soon.


Crafted as per choice

To further personalise your gifting, you might not wish to standardize your wedding favours for allyour guests. For close family, friends and valuable business associates, you can choose a more ornamental option. Our tea hampers offer you ample versatility. We put in great thought and customize our collections with handpicked flavors that perfectly complement each other. For instance, you can decide to make it large or keep it small as per your preference, but its signature elegance will still convey your tastefulness and warmth for the recipients.


Delightful packaging

Quite often it becomes a great challenge to get your gift packed in the same classy and thoughtful manner that it was purchased. It is not uncommon for some of the most elaborate packaging costs to overtake the price of the product itself. However, the packaging still lands in waste bins as soon as the gift is opened. We take the art of packaging to the next level through our bespoke tea box designs that become cherished collectibles. These are lavish pieces,handcrafted in royal colours with enchanting themes and exquisite motifs that are likely to adorn the homes of your guests long after the teas are consumed.


Understated elegance

To select the ideal wedding favour is a decision that requires great precision. While it is imperative that your choice be impressive and memorable as well as make people realize that you spent opulently on it, you must ensure that the gift doesn’t become too loud or garish. A luxury hamper of our exotic teas and tisanes (beverages created by infusing herbs, spices and plants) is an elegant and understated yet sophisticated gift that speaks profusely of the sender’s classiness.



It would certainly delight you to see your wedding favours remembered, cherished and saved as a keepsake.Our thoughtfully curated collections of luxury teas and dessert tisanes will regale even non-tea drinkers, tempting one and all to indulge in it. Attribute it to the appeal of the incredible health benefits or the joyful experience they offer, there is unlikely to be anyone who won’t relish Apple Strudel and Lemon Cake without the guilt of calories!



Unlike maybe an artisanal cheese or gluten-free cakes, our luxury teas and tisanes don’t need to be stored at specified temperatures. They retain their incredible flavors, freshness and aromas for a very long time, and you can easily send them across distances by courier.

At The Hillcart Tales, we offer you an excellent and diverse range of luxury gift collections to choose from. Ranging from our Artisane’s Box containing its delicious dessert tisanes and the Connoisseur’s Collection comprising our signature black and green teas, to the Utopian Treasure Box of Honey Limon and Chamomile, every collection is perfect as a wedding gift. We can further customize it to suit your style and preferences. Do visit our gifting section and explore our heart-winning offerings.

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