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Welcome New Year in style!

Welcome New Year in style!

Welcome New Year in style!

Welcome New Year in style! Nobody can escape fashion. The latest trends and designs this winter, as the New Year begins, are here to stay. With New Year eve’s party being held everywhere, the question that pops up is, ‘What should I wear?’

City’s fashion designers suggest that one can get trendy yet stay warm to bet the chill. Here is what they suggest to stay stylish as the New Year begins.



An iridescent metallic skirt has turned out to be quite a favorite among many. It is groovy and perfect for the party season. If instant glam-up is on the checklist, then one must have this in the wardrobe. It looks incredible when paired with basic tops, striped tees or a blazer. With their shimmer and movement, metallic skirts are the best way to add interest and even a little luxury.



For every woman, flaunting her figures is prime focus. You do not have to wear a short revealing dress to show off your curves. Stylists suggest you put on a bomber jacket in silk or one with exquisite embroidery over your favorite black dress or metallic miniskirt. Make sure to pair it with a stiletto that high-fashion look.



Sequins cannot fail you at a New Year’s party say designers. It is a classic way to sparkle. If you’re in for a low-key night, sequin dress will do the trick. Pairing it with skipping jewelry to keep the look un-cluttered.



Don’t get us wrong. This is got nothing to do with expressing dismissal or disregarding someone. Well this is a popular style adopted by designers that involves showing off one’s shoulder. Bridal wear, tops, dresses, jumpsuits and even swimwear across brands have incorporated the cold shoulder in their designs. This style adds a subtle touch of glamour to any outfit. It is one style that looks great on most age groups.



Whether it’s a cocktail party or a dinner night while gazing at the fireworks; a chic get-together demands you step out in your best. Sheer dresses never go out of style, just like your sequined pieces. You can wear sheer in so many different forms and style them according to the look you want to achieve.



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Have a penchant for longer dresses? If you decided to celebrate the New Year in a festive atmosphere in the restaurant or attend evening party, you need a luxury long evening dress. A long fluffy skirt in silhouette style ‘A’ is at the peak of popularity. Don’t forget to experiment with colours and shades.



All said and done. Footwear is something that finished off any style. No matter what your outfit is, a pair of bold sparkling shoes can always dramatically enhance the look. If you’ve problem dancing on high heels then you can prefer for wedges or ballerinas.



Trends don’t die; they are mostly recycled with additions. Times around the chokers are back with a bang in the mainstream fashion. It is being worn in velvet, chiffon, metal, rhinestone and leather. You can accessories your look by a great pair of earrings and a choker would redefine your classic style statement.

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