What is a dream job?

Everyone wants of having a dream job, but what exactly it is?
What is a dream job?

Everyone wants of having a dream job, but what exactly it is? A new study by TimesJobs reveals key aspirations related to job seekers’ ‘dream job’. The result of 1,100 surveyed job seekers shows that India is the dream job destination and for male job seekers, engineering is the dream profile while most female job seekers aspire to become doctors or medical professionals.

To provide deeper insights into what professionals desire in their ‘dream job’, TimesJobs conducted a study with inputs from over 1,100 job seekers to accurately identify and articulate their career aspirations.

India, My India

India emerged as the clear winner of the dream destination for job seekers looking for aspirational career opportunities. Almost 60% of job seekers see getting their dream job in India and only about 40% seek their dream jobs abroad.

Doctor and Engineer Still No.1.

While 30% male job seekers dream of becoming an engineer, an equal percentage of female job seekers want to be a doctor or join the medical profession. Nearly 25% male job seekers want to be a doctor/medical professional, 20% want to be IT professionals, 15% would like to become chartered accountants and 10% are keen to become lawyers. For female job seekers, besides the eagerness for becoming a doctor/medical professional, 25% want to be chartered accountants, 20% would like to be IT professionals, 15% want to become engineers and 10% would like to be part of the HR domain.

Dream Inner

Industries of choice

With the exponential growth opportunities and hefty compensation packages offered, it is no surprise that nearly 35% jobseekers state the IT industry as their dream sector. This is followed closely by an equal preference for the healthcare (30%) and manufacturing (30%) sectors which offer job security and stable growth. Nearly 25% job seekers want to be in the telecom industry, and another 25% are interested in joining the auto sector. BFSI is the choice of 20% job seekers, while 16% seek opportunities in the logistics sector. Nearly 15% job seekers pick a retail industry and another 15% choose the ITeS/BPO sector. For 10% jobseekers, consumer durables/FMCG is the dream sector, finds the TimesJobs survey.

Miles to Go

Despite their aspirations, 55% of professionals say they are currently not working in their ‘dream role’. Interestingly, while most don’t see their current role as the ‘dream profile’, 70% still consider the industry they are currently working in as their ‘dream sector’. Even then, only 30% feel they

are currently working in their ‘dream company’ while the rest still aspire to join their dream companies. Of the 30% professionals working in their ‘dream company’, 60% claim they changed between 3-5 jobs to finally land a job at their dream company. Nearly 20% job seekers said they changed 2-3 jobs and 15% changed more than 5 jobs. Only 5% say they could join their dream company in their first job. Of the 70% of job seekers who haven’t been able to get a job in their dream company yet, 75% say they are still looking out for opportunities in the company of their dreams, while 25% say they have given up on the idea.

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