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Wilderness at your doorstep- Whistling Wood Estate!

Wilderness at your doorstep- Whistling Wood Estate!

Whistling wood resort is a family run resort; a mixture of wilderness, serenity and comfort which is appreciated by travellers from across the world. Whistling wood nature resort is perfectly located in unique blend of a wildlife sanctuary near Mudumalai National Park. Amidst wild jungle and the wildlife lies Whistling Wood nature resort, fully equipped to cater your needs. This is a place where you can find Wildlife at your doorstep. And it brings you closer to Nature! It is situated in a Valley where you can have a spectacular view of the Nilgiri Mountains to one side and the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve Sanctuary on the other. You can spot over a hundred species of birds & thousands of spotted Deers. It is situated close to the migrating paths of the elephants which makes it easier for their guests to spot them. There is a peripheral stream flowing next to the sanctuary which makes it a watering hole for the Wildlife! Indian Elephants, spotted deers, Indian Guars (Bisons), Tigers, Leopards, Malabar giant squirrels, Peacocks, Indian bear & other species can be spotted in the Mudhumalai Sanctuary.

You can also unwind around a bonfire!


June to September: The weather is refreshing, Game spotting is at its peak. As resort located in a rain shadow area, we do not receive heavy rainfall. Our monsoon is characterized and won’t be short spurts of rain, strong wind. The temperatures will vary between 16oC to 28oC.

October and November: The temperature will come down in this season and it will be in the range 13o C to 21o C.You will witness plenty of wildlife, as the undergrowth thickens for the winter. Murky Mornings with the clouds sitting on the mountain ranges. The North-East Monsoon sets in and is through by the end of November.

December and January: Winter will have clear blue skies, cool, starry nights and sunny days. Temperature will drop significantly. Mornings are generally misty.

February to April: The advent of summer is characterized by dry warmth. The deciduous forest is bare. Game is usually spotted around water holes. There are often small forest fires, which burn some of the undergrowth by day, only to be extinguished by dew at night.

May to June: May weather will be unpredictable – Pre-monsoon showers, warm days that draw in clouds, thunder bolts, short blasts of rain – and the jungle comes alive… Enjoy the flora and fauna coming alive.

Activities include Jungle Safari, Elephant Camp, Bird watching, Indoor Games, etc.

Getting there:

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From Chennai:

By Air: You could fly to Coimbatore or Bangalore and catch a cab.

By Train: Catch a train to Coimbatore or Mysore.

The maximum rate charged is Rs.4, 500.


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