Benefits of Playing Chess: Not Just a Game, it’s a Life Lesson.

Chess is played across the world with the same rules, the same moves, and the same premise.

Ever thought of benefits of playing chess? One of the oldest games in history, Chess is played across the world with the same rules, the same moves, and the same premise. It is a truly universal game that is inclusive of all – anyone can play it regardless of gender, age, class, disability, and physical or mental ability. Naturally, a game so widely revered has its benefits. Here are some benefits and changes that playing chess is bound to bring to your life and personality.

Teaches Problem Solving & Strategizing

How does a game that doesn’t require you to move to teach you problem-solving? It’s the same way wars were won – through effective thinking and strategy. Chess involves devising multiple plots to reach your goal. Most problems in life are an enormous surprise. Chess teaches you strategic moves and trains you to think on your feet. A lot can be learnt from sitting in a room.

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Stimulates your Creative Juices

One gets to exercise the creative side of their psyche. Making moves is not just a tactical performance, there needs to be creativity in your moves if you want to catch your opponent by surprise. Creatively playing hide & seek in a game that lays everything out in the open – that’s the ploy one has to master. Anybody’s personality can be judged and assessed simply based on their gameplay. So go ahead, pull out your chess board and exercise your creativity.

Increases Attention Span

Playing chess is like listening to music. Only a few activities engage the brain’s complete attention. Similar to music, chess helps develop your concentration and increases your attention span. It stimulates both sides of your brain. Today, when our attention has been shortened to mere seconds, playing chess is a good exercise for the brain.

Builds Confidence

Many people look at sports as mere exercise, a hobby, or something to pass time with. But like most games, Chess has its own benefits. It builds your strategic and creative muscles, it teaches you to face wins and failures with dignity. So, most importantly, it builds confidence in the players and readies them to face any new challenge that may come their way.

Keeps you Calm Under Pressure

Our body is trained for a fight or flight response, it is our genetic flaw. The mind must be trained to unlearn this, to take a moment before acting on impulses. Chess provides you ample time to think and plot your next move. While it’s true that not everyone has the luxury of time, you do have the practice to stop and think about ‘cause’ and ‘effect’. Decisions made with a calm mind are sure to yield better results.

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