How to give Individual Space in a Relationship?

A lot of young couples face the problem of not having space in a relationship. You are connected across all social mediums, and available at all times. It is natural to feel burdened and overwhelmed, it is natural to need space. Individual space and autonomy are essential. Here are some ways you can give your partner space. The following tips on how to give individual space in a relationship may help you.

How to give individual space in a relationship:
Limited Texting

Try not to text them all the time. Updates are necessary, but keeping track of their every movement is unhealthy. Such behavior will become a problem in the long run. So, try to limit texting and find other ways to communicate. Instead of constantly checking up on them, let them approach you at their own time and space.

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Don’t be possessive

It is common to have friends of both genders and it is important to trust your partner. Being possessive and territorial will only push the individual away. So, be open-minded and ensure your partner feels safe with you. Trust works both ways, so reassure them of your loyalties and vice versa.

Have your ‘ME’ time

Couples tend to merge their hobbies and activities. They become your de-facto partner for everything, even if they may not enjoy them. But that should not be the case. Define the times and activities that you would like to do alone. Find your me time and let them find theirs. It is completely normal for people to have lunches, watch movies, and take trips alone. It is important to have solitary time and indulge in one’s solo habits.

Do things with other people

As we already said, don’t enforce anything on your partner. Do things with your friends while they do things with theirs. Keep your groups separate and maintain some boundaries. It is equally important to spend time with your friends. Don’t blindside them or ignore your people when you get into a relationship.

Have honest & open communication

The foundation of a healthy relationship is truth and trust. If something is not working out, be honest. If you would like some distance, be honest. Have conversation with your partner and find out what they need. For instance, if they would like a break from texting or social media, find other ways to communicate. Let them know that you understand their needs.

Don’t force them outside their comfort zone

Challenges keep a relationship fresh, but these must be positive challenges. If your partner mentions their discomfort with something then don’t force them to try otherwise. For example, an introverted partner may not enjoy formal or informal gatherings. Don’t force them to accompany you. Try to have quality time one-on-one if they’re uncomfortable with socializing.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow fonder

It’s true. Sometimes, a little distance will do the magic. It will make your bond stronger. It will give you clarity in your relationship and the times you spend together will be that much more special.

Encourage independence, not codependency. Work towards a positive connection and a healthy relationship.

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