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10 Magical Summer Health Tips To Stay Cool This Season

10 Magical Summer Health Tips To Stay Cool This Season

The scorching heat of the sun in peak summer brings many changes in our bodies. We should be more concerned about our physical health during the summer than in other seasons. It is important to keep in mind that hot weather can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.

Hydrate: The first important thing to do in the summer is to drink lots of water. Intake of liquid foods should be made a practice. Include tender coconut water, buttermilk, and lemon juice. This summer, make water an essential part of your day and never leave home without it. Avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.

Water vegetable and fruits: During the summertime, many epidemic climatic illnesses occur. It increases body heat and causes viral infections such as eye infections and measles. Add water-rich vegetables such as radish, bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, cucumber, and chayote regularly in your diet. Add watermelons to your fruit list. Eat more citrus fruits. Vitamin C in the skin will protect the skin from drying.

Stay shady: Try to limit your time under the direct sun between 10 am and 4 pm, when UV exposure is at its peak. If you are going to be outside, use an umbrella and it is also a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses whenever possible.

Clothing: Avoid wearing tight clothes. Embrace loose and flowy clothes made from natural fibers. Black and other bright colors can absorb heat, so go for light colors.

Playtime: Allow the kids to play only during the close of the day during their summer holidays. It is important to stay in the shade whenever possible. Introduce them to more indoor games to keep them engaged.

Switch off lights: Too many electric bulbs and usage of lights in the room tend to heat up the temperature. Use only the ones you require. Keep curtains in place if the rays pass into the house.

Baby care: During the summer, babies are more prone to sweat and heat boils. It is essential to keep the body clean to prevent it from happening. Washing the face regularly should be done thrice a day. It is best to bathe in a little warm water. It’s good to avoid using diapers for kids this summer.

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Elders: Due to the age of elderly people, the sense of thirst will decrease and therefore the water deficiency should be avoided. At least 2-3 liters of water should be consumed daily by elders to avoid low blood pressure problems. Patients with a diagnosis of heart and kidney should drink water as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Physical activity: Exercising on a sunny day, you don’t need to consume extra salt, despite some salt being lost through sweating. The body is able to regulate the amount lost and balance it with the amount absorbed from a normal diet. Occasionally, a little extra salt may be required. If you’re exercising for more than two hours in hot weather, avoid getting dehydrated by drinking one or two cups of liquid on an hourly basis and eat salty peanuts to help reload salt to your body.

Avoid outside food: Roadside food can be contaminated and may lead to foodborne illnesses. Also in the summer heat if food is not stored properly it may get spoilt and lead to a stomach infection. Oily foods can be worse when had during summer, as they too can spike up body heat and lower your immunity, along with all the other problems. Ensure to have homemade food to the maximum.

If these tips are religiously followed, one can ensure a very happy and healthy living.

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