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12 Secret Couple Tips For A Stronger Relationship During The Lock down

12 Secret Couple Tips For A Stronger Relationship During The Lock down

Develop these good habits for a strong and healthy partnership during this period of togetherness

1. Say “I love you” and hug every day

2. Always make sure to spend enough time together and be present. (Being close doesn’t mean just sitting close to each other while using your mobile, tablets or computers).

3. Be clear. Never assume anything. Communication is key to a relationship and it needs to open and exclusive between you and your spouse when it comes to your marital affairs.

4. Put aside pride and ego. The person who wins the argument is usually the loser. Ask for forgiveness ‘Say Sorry’. Don’t go tit for tat. Learn to let go.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle. Stay in shape for yourselves and for each other.

6. Surround yourself with a family that is in healthy and happy relationships.

7. Be ready to make compromises by paying attention to each other’s needs – sex, appreciation, attention, etc.

8. Help each other around the house in this period

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9. Encourage, praise, and compliment each other sincerely. Feeling appreciated feels great and is way more effective than learning a lesson through verbal abuse.

10. Don’t try to change your significant other. Change how you love them and how you react to them.

11. Before pointing your finger, check yourself. See what you can do first and then find a non-aggressive way to ask for something.

12. Let no one gets involved in your marital affairs

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