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4 Menopause Myths You Should Stop Believing From Now

4 Menopause Myths You Should Stop Believing From Now


Could menopause be a time of liberation?

Well, to experience that liberation you gotta stop believing these myths about menopause.

Have a happy menopause time!

People are aware of menopause which occurs biologically in a woman’s life when the periods stop at a particular point in her life. You could never say that it would happen in the latter part of their period. However, menopause occurs according to the body of women. As no two women are alike, they would experience menopause at different stages of their lives. It could even occur prematurely for a woman who is less than 40 years old. However, there is nothing to be feared about but it is something healthy and fearless. So, you have to realize what are myths and facts about menopause.

MENOPAUSE OCCURS ONLY BETWEEN 40 TO 50 YEARS: People think that naturally, menopause occurs at the age of 50 but that is not how it works exactly. Nevertheless, many women would go through menopause at the early stage of ’40s and some go through at the later stage of ’50s. So, you could never expect your periods at a particular stage of your life. Howbeit, premature menopause might occur due to smoking, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgical removal of the ovaries.

NO MORE SEXUAL DRIVE: Well, the fall in sex hormones could effectively impact the libido of a woman. But it is not only due to the hormonal fluctuation whereas it might also be due to depression, energy levels and being stressed out. Your menopause would not negatively impact your sex life. If you enjoyed amazing sex life before menopause then you might also enjoy the craziest sex life after menopause as well. The only thing you would experience is the vaginal dryness which would be the reason for the painful intercourse.

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PUTS ON WEIGHT: Your body would gain weight at any stage of your life but you should never come up with the conclusion that it is due to menopause. It might be due to the changes in metabolism as well. However, researches revealed that menopause could gain weight due to the decline of estrogen levels. The fat stored might move to the hips and thighs to the abdomen and thus it causes weight in many women. Meanwhile, if you exercise regularly and intake healthy foods then you could avoid weight gain.

WORST EXPERIENCE: This is absolutely not true! It depends only on the mindset if you want it to be so. Though many women experience hella symptoms, some might not experience it. Women who exercise, meditate, eat healthily, infused with a positive attitude and socialize better would have happy and less awful menopause. They do not even think it as a bigger burden of their lives.

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