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5 Easiest Practices To Double Your Sleep Quality From Tonight

5 Easiest Practices To Double Your Sleep Quality From Tonight


Are you feeling tired or exhausted even after hours of sleep?

Improve your sleeping quality by incorporating the following habits!

Your snoozing time matters the most when it comes to a healthy leading life. Sleep-deprivation might land you in a bad health situation. Some of you might feel tired even after sleeping eight hours whereas some of you might feel fresh right after 3 hours of sleep. So, the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity of sleep. So, you gotta listen to your body when it refuses to revitalize entirely. When you lack 6 to 8 hours of night sleep, it might double the risk of heart disease and stroke to the people who are already suffering from heart disease and diabetes. Well, this is known as metabolic syndrome and it comes with several health issues such as high level of blood cholesterol, obesity, low blood sugar level, high blood pressure and triglycerides at a higher level. People with any of these symptoms might go through metabolic syndrome. To avert this condition, you gotta eat healthy things which help you to have a good night’s sleep.

INTAKE SMALL QUANTITY OF FOOD AT NIGHT: Normally, people would suggest eating smaller quantities at night. You gotta eat like “a beggar at night” which means you have to keep your food consumption in a meagre amount. Meanwhile, you should never go to bed in an empty stomach. But when you consume the heavy amount of food at night, it would make your body tough to digest. So, your body would be at work and makes you stay awake for a longer time. Hence, you would be feeling dazed by waking up late at night.

HAVE DINNER AND MAKE TIME FOR STEAMY NIGHT: A general saying is that when you have your sex, it would help you to sleep better and reduce the weight. Multiple studies have proved that sex would be helpful in providing a healthy body. A study has also shown that when you have lots and lots of sex, you would definitely become the beneficiary of better sleep and healthy body weight. So, have your dinner and whoop up the night.

HAVE A TEA BREAK: Schedule yourself for a tea break. No matter where you are, make time for a cup of soothing tea! Nothing could replace the magic of tea and no human could resist it. It makes your brain to slow down the rushing process of thinking non-stop and helps to relax. However, there are several types of teas that have the power to lose weight. Being rich in weight-loss properties, these teas are helpful in slowing down the hunger hormones in your body.

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HAVE WHOLE GRAINS FOR YOUR LUNCH: Well, you might realize what you eat and what not to eat before bed but it is advisable to have your complex carbohydrates for your lunch. The feel-good hormone serotonin is present in the whole grain complex carbohydrates. And so you could avoid taking carbs at night instead it is already present in your day time meal.

BLOCK THE LIGHT: Lights from outside would enter your room which would disturb your night somnolence. So, it is good for you to use light-blocking curtains which would totally block the light to enter the room. It is said that melatonin, the hormone which is responsible for the sleep would be lowered when light is present in your room. So, it is better to keep your room dark before your bedtime.

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