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5 Harmful Habits That Can Lower And Damage Your Sensual Urge

5 Harmful Habits That Can Lower And Damage Your Sensual Urge


Well, you gotta blame your unhealthy habits.

Prodding over your sex depriving activities?

Could you not have satisfying sex with your partner? Are you not feeling to turn on your mood? Doubting your libido? Well, you have to think about your daily habits that indirectly impact your sexual life. Even though people are aware of their health and psychological conditions which negatively impact your libido, you might not be aware of your real thief behind your reducing libido. So, you have to catch your real thief which might be certain habits which have the power to devastate your intimacy. So, abandon any of the following habits if you are inhabited.

SKIPPING FISH: Naturally, fish is healthier than any other non-vegetarian foods. Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish is good for your overall health. It helps in balancing testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels as these are the hormones that are involved in your sexual drive. So, it is not a good idea to avoid eating fish as it also benefits your heart and brain.

STAYING DEHYDRATED: Inadequate water intake might destroy your sex drive secretly. When you are dehydrated, your body lacks oxygen in your bloodstream. This, in turn, converts into low oxygen in your sex organs which are considered to be another factor killing your libido. Additionally, it would also lead to vaginal dryness and thus it makes it difficult for you to reach orgasm.

WATCHING HORNY VIDEOS: Did you know there is a connection between watching porn and erectile dysfunction? Yes! It has been revealed that it might increase the sexual fantasies and expectations of a person. This, in turn, would lead to exasperation while a person is indulging in sexual activity in reality.

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ADDICTED TO JUNK FOODS: The modern world has turned people to consume junk foods often and it makes them hanker for it. But do remember these foods have been infused with chemicals known as phthalates. This would negatively impact male hormones and lowers the libido level.

AVOIDING ZINC-RICH FOODS: Zinc-rich foods such as nuts and spinach are directly connected to testosterone. When there is a lack of zinc, it kills the libido of men. So, it is highly essential for your sexual life and makes sure you are not avoiding it.

WHEN YOU ARE STRESSED AND SLEEP-DEPRIVED: You might be aware of your stress and anxiety. This would directly kill your sex drive and makes you less interested in sexual activity. It might not help you to let out the feel-good hormones. And when you are sleep deprived, it might cause sleep apnoea. Even sleep apnoea is found to be linked with low libido as per the study.

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