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5 Liquids You Should Try To Avoid Before Your Bedtime

5 Liquids You Should Try To Avoid Before Your Bedtime

Everyone loves to enjoy disrupted snoozing at night but it would be at times interrupted by several factors. While certain foods at late-night could spoil your sleep, some liquids have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns. When you choose the wrong liquids before bedtime, it would destroy the quality of your sleep and health as well. So, you have to certain types of beverages at late-night and enjoy sound sleeping on a calm night. Let’s check out the following liquid items to ignore before jumping on to the bed.

COFFEE: While coffee could help you to stay awake and active in the morning, it could not be the best option to sip the coffee at night. This is because of the negative impact on your sleep. The caffeine in coffee would decrease the total sleep time by one hour as per the study.

ALCOHOL: You might feel somnolent right after the few sips of drinks but then it would have other negative impacts on your sleeping pattern. It would increase the need for urination at late night which would interrupt your sleep easily. When you indulge in heavy drinking, it would lead to insomnia and even worsen the severity of breathing issues while sleeping. Also, it could fragment your sleep and reduce the rapid eye movement or REM sleep.

SODA: If you choose to drink soda at night, it would make you stay awake all night. As it is loaded with caffeine and sugar, sodas would never allow you to fall asleep easily. Even the study has shown that people who consumed sugar-related drinks have experienced more arousals from snoozing at night.

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AERATED DRINKS: Of course, all the soft drinks and carbonated drinks should be avoided at night. Since they are infused with soda and a lot of sugar, these aerated beverages must be avoided before bedtime as they possibly accumulate calories in your body. It would also disturb your sleep.

WATER: This could come as a surprise to many of us. You might be skeptical about avoiding water right before bedtime. When you are healthy, your urination at night would be lower than the day time. But when you drink water before bedtime, it would definitely interrupt your sleeping time. If you drink enough water during the day time, it would avert dehydration. But remember to consume less water in the evening to avoid urinating at midnight.  So, you could avoid the liquids mostly during the night time.

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