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5 Most Common Beauty Myths You Should Stop Believing Immediately

5 Most Common Beauty Myths You Should Stop Believing Immediately


Remove these myths from your mind and know the facts about the beauty tips.

Think twice before you believe any of these sayings.

People might follow certain beauty tips to make them have a healthy appearance. But what if they are merely myths? Well, you just have to inquire before you believe it to be true. However, there are certain beauty tips that are just myths in real life that you believe it to be real. So, you have to separate myths from the facts and cease to believe the following beauty myths. Check out the following myths to stop believing it immediately.

NEVER EVER APPLY OIL ON OILY SKIN: Ever since our younger stage of life, we might have heard this fact. Yet this is an only myth, not even a fact. Howbeit, we might not question this myth because we have inherited it at the early stage of our life. Meanwhile, oily skin also has to be hydrated and when you apply oil on your skin, it would really help you to produce less oil. While you use a cleanser for oily skin, it would produce extra oil instead of reducing it.

PLUCK A GREY HAIR, THERE APPEARS MANY: Yes! You might have heard this saying a hundred times and you believe it so. In fact, it is silly to believe this because your follicles would not listen to this particular saying whereas it works according to science. However, when your hair begins greying, each other follicles contain hair stops to form color granules and so when you pluck a grey hair, the follicle present next to it would already start to produce grey hair. So, this is what happens scientifically and thus emerges the myth as well. You could get rid of it with natural remedies.

EVERYDAY MAKE-UP COULD HARM YOUR SKIN: Well, this is one of the popular myths which you might be well-known of. You believe that your everyday make-up might harm your skin but it is not true. Nevertheless, your skin is harmed when you neglect to remove your make-up completely as well as properly before bedtime because the skin wants to breathe and oxygenate. Meanwhile, wearing make-up is good for your skin during the day time as it inhabits UV filters, moisturizing and protective properties which could act as a shield for your skin from being harmed by the environment.

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APPLYING CREAM IN UPWARD DIRECTION: Being one of the famous myths, it has been intensely cultivated in the minds of younger people. Beauticians and even many of your close ones might have corrected you when you have done it in any other motion instead of upward motion. Often, we believe that applying in circular motions right from downwards to upwards would improve the effectiveness of the cream on your skin. But in reality, it would never help us.

CUT YOUR HAIR, IT GROWS FASTER: Are you tired of hearing this? But it makes you happier, isn’t it? Surely, you might have heard this for uncountable times. You might be happy to hear it and believe it so deeply which in turn could never be removed from your mind. You would not check it twice instead you cut your hair believing it would grow faster and longer than before. However, your follicle does not realize when you cut your hair short. But it is when you nourish your hair it would grow faster and longer and so it would be merely a myth.

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