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5 Most Fascinating Correlation Between Sexual Desires And Periods

5 Most Fascinating Correlation Between Sexual Desires And Periods


Do you have a skeptical question about your low libido?

Have you ever imagined the connection between sexual desires and periods?

Well, Ladies! You gotta know about the link between your periods and your sex drive.

Women would go through low libido levels and would be worrying over this issue. Probably, It could have a negative impact on the relationships and you might have noticed the altering desires. Have someone ever noticed to know that there is a connection between menstruation and the changing of sexual desires? Well, if your hormones are unsteady, then you would be suffering much. And yeah! That’s how the menstrual cycle could be influencing your sexual desire whereas there are herbal remedies for this issue. These remedies would help you to stimulate sexual desire as well. Meanwhile, there are multiple ways in which your periods could be connected with the low libido level. Let’s check out the several ways how periods could affect libido.

HORMONES: When it comes to sexual drive, hormones are one of the influencing factors. Libido is considered to be cyclic and it touches the pinnacle level around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle which is during the time of ovulation. During ovulation, your estrogen levels would be at the peak. It influences your mood as well as stimulates the female sex hormones. Meanwhile, estrogen levels fall down as the month passes by. Whereas the progesterone becomes high in level which thus affects the libido. Again when your periods begin, your estrogen level would be rising and also the levels of progesterone and testosterone. This is how it works in the low level of libido here.

SYMPTOMS OF MENSTRUATION: Even the other symptoms of the periods could impact your libido. When it comes to bloating, severe pain and heavy periods, then indulging in sexual activities would never flash in your mind. Psychologically, women would feel angry, irritated and suffer from low mood which could eventually affect their relationship.

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UNDER MEDICATION: When it comes to medication, it does affect your sexual desires. When you are taking medicines to regulate your periods or any other symptoms, you see the gradual reduction in your libido. The pills you consume would have a negative impact on ovulation, which means you would not go through the peaks of estrogen.

PHYSICAL IMPACTS: Periods could have been associated with physical effects as well. This is because your uterus gets thickened in the latter part of the cycle in preparation for menstruation and it possibly dampened in and around the womb. This, in turn, affects the physical arousal in women and averts having an orgasm.

UNSUPPORTIVE PARTNER: Everyone knows how terrible it would be on periods. Moreover, if you are going through endometriosis or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or about to have menopause, it would definitely gonna be a troublesome period. Meanwhile, if you have a supporting partner by your side, it would be smooth and relax. But if you do not have a supportively caring partner who fully understands what you are suffering from, then your relationship would be at risk. Yet it is good to express your partner how you are feeling as he would never know your sufferings entirely.

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