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5 Most Stunning Destinations Celebrating Holi In India

5 Most Stunning Destinations Celebrating Holi In India

Being one of the most colorful festivals of India, Holi has been grabbing the attention of people all over the world. This year it has been collaborating with the Easter weekend which would be an additional piece of great news. The unspoken joy and merriment comes from nowhere but with the splashes and sprinkles of colorful powders. You could literally watch people with a big smile, running and chasing others and turning their white traditional outfit into a multi-colored one. What if you are trapped by a bunch of crazy youths and throw and splash colorful powder and you could run nowhere to escape? Well, that would be a mixture of excitement and thrilling. So, if you really wish to experience the authenticity of the festival, then check out some of the vibrant Indian places where you could celebrate Holi.

VIVID VRINDAVAN: You might have heard about Vrindavan from epic stories or mythology as it was the place referred to as where Little Lord Krishna was brought up. This holy place is actually the perfect place to celebrate the colorful festival. The main attraction over here is the Bankey Bihari Temple and the vibe of the festival would be top-notch right at this place. And if you move towards Gopinath Temple, you would bunch and bunches of people dressed up in white and throwing the vibrant powders at each other to elevate the spirit of the festival.

SPECTACULAR MATHURA: Situated between Delhi and Agra, Mathura is the Braj region of India. Again, Mathura is associated with Lord Krishna and the Holi festival. Since Mathura is the birthplace of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna, imagine how the place would be inculcated with. Your imagination is not much greater than the vibrant reality of the place as the celebration over here is beyond imagination. While all the local shrines would indulge in the celebrations, Dwarkadheesh Temple is where thousands and thousands of people gathered to bring the hype of Holi by singing, dancing, and chanting in the flamboyant mist of purple gulal powder.

BRIGHT BARSANA: Like Mathura and Vrindavan, Barsana is a stop-worthy town to get infused with the festive mood. Located nearby Mathura, Barsana has its own rituals right in the noon where men from neighboring Nandgoan move down the street which leads to Krishna temple until the way is blocked by women holding heavy wooden sticks. This would also be wrapped up naturally with bright and stunning color powder. So, why don’t be here for this Holi 2021?

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VIBING JAIPUR: Popularly known to be the Pink City, Jaipur would offer the best celebration of the day when it comes to Holi. As Jaipur is holding to be the center of attraction for the amazing celebration of Holi festival. And what’s makes it a hotspot area to celebrate Holi? – must be the question that revolves around your head now. The main attraction over here is the big gala bash in the palace which would be hosted by the Royal family. You could book your tickets in advance to get soak in the gala bash and you could cherish it for a lifetime. Getting your moves to traditional Rajasthani folk music along with the rain of gulal powder would make it a much more breathtaking moment of the festival celebration. Also, the devotional and religious rituals take place all over the town at the Govind Dev-Ji Temple which has been situated in the centre of the City Palace. This is the exact festival jam for people gathered with marigold flowers and sings to the hymns of Holi. So, never miss being here in the Pink City.

LIVELY BALDEO: This charming small town is situated near Mathura as it takes only 30 minutes from Mathura. The heap of people gathered here to worship the deities here and perform the rituals as well. And what else? The thronged people on the massive Holy celebration would throw the turmeric and saffron yellow colors at each other to enjoy the festival as much as they could. So, why not Baldeo be on your travel list?

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