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5 Most Unknowing Ways You Are Being Harsh To Your Skin

5 Most Unknowing Ways You Are Being Harsh To Your Skin

You might think that you are actually treating and nourishing your skin but this is no truth when you possibly create harshness to your skin. While you are into the process of enhancing your skin, you should be more attentive to your skin as what you do your skin might affect your skin in every possible way. So, try to avoid certain things which you think are good for your skin but actually they are not. Take note of the following things which you have to stop for the goodness of your skin.

INDULGING IN OVER-EXFOLIATION: When you do treat your skin too much, it would end up in upside-down results. If you are exfoliating often, it would provide bad skin texture. Try to use a good facial scrub or exfoliating ingredient which could nourish new cells and in turn enhance your skin tone.

TREATING THE SKIN WITH SAME PRODUCTS: Your skin would change according to the seasons. So, you have to take care of your skin as per the seasonal changes. You made a blunder mistake by using the same products for all the seasons of the year. Act according to the season as it is connected with your skin’s health.

THE HABIT OF SMOKING: Your entire body would thank you for quitting this bad habit of smoking. When you smoke often, it directly impacts your skin and so you would be affected by premature aging. So, try to avoid smoking and improve your body’s health and skin’s health as well.

PULLING ON THE SKIN AROUND YOUR EYES: Like smoking, this is yet another bad habit that turns your skin thin and leads to premature aging. This happens whenever you fix your contacts or applying eyeliner or rubbing harshly to alleviate the eye makeup which would in turn tear on the collagen and elasticity fibers and causes fine lines and wrinkles. So, stop pulling the skin around your eyes and use your ring finger to apply any cream or fixing contacts.

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PICKING YOUR PIMPLES: Every people would do this mistake by picking pimples even if they know it would harm them. Do remember when you pick your pimple, it would create inflammation unknowingly. This would thus lead to scars or discolorations on your skin. This is why you are advised not to pick or press your pimples.

WASHING YOUR SKIN OFTEN: Over-washing your skin is another worst thing you are doing to your skin. Since your skin is a delicate thing and when you use soaps, it would affect the pH level of your skin. It would even make your skin dry and leads to infections. So, clean it gently without crushing the balance of natural oils. Above all, stop over-washing your skin.

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