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5 Worst Things To Give Up Immediately For Better Bone Health

5 Worst Things To Give Up Immediately For Better Bone Health


Your bone depicts how strong you are! Probably, none of us would take special care to attain healthy bones. In fact, healthy bones would tell you how would lead your later part of life. It is not even surprising when you ask someone about what do to and not to do to gain healthy bones because the answer you get would be consuming milk or calcium and iron-rich foods. But people do not really care about what to avoid to maintain healthy bones as there are things that would be bad for bones too. It is highly essential for you to eschew follow things in your day-to-day life activities.

ADDING MORE SALT: When you add more salt in your diet, then you are gonna risk your calcium content. Seriously, you have to get rid of this habit of munching salt infused foods which are no good for your bones. So, avoid foods such as slices of bread, cheeses, chips and cold cuts as they are high in the salt content. It does not mean that you have to cut down the salt intake completely but to limit the intake.

SMOKING WORSENS: When it comes to bone health, your smoking habit would be a hindrance to attain it. By smoking regularly, you are risking your own bone health without even realizing it. It is because your body could not be able to form a healthy bone tissue when you regularly draw in the smoke of the cigarette. So, the more you smoke, the more you are creating trouble. It creates breaks and would take a much longer time to heal. Just quit the habit of smoking and you could possibly reduce the risk of bad bone health instead you could enhance the health of your bones.

OVER-INTAKE OF CERTAIN DRINKS: When you consume over flavored soda drinks, there would be a risk of damaging the bones. Even studies have revealed that bone loss is also associated with the over-intake of caffeine and these beverages which contain phosphorous. It is also considered that when people go for soda or other drinks that contain calcium instead of milk, they would also damage the bones. Surprisingly, if you drink a lot more cups of coffee and tea, then it would lead you to the path of bad bone health.

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UNDERWEIGHT: If you are underweight with low BMI, then there might be a greater chance for fracture and bone loss. If you have low body weight, just go with weight-bearing exercises. You could also consult your doctor for adding up calcium-rich foods in your diet. Consult your doctor regularly and follow the diet accordingly.

EXCESSIVE WATCHING: At times you would be binge-watching series or watching television or enjoying a movie by nuzzling on your comfy couch or bed. But when it becomes a habit of leaning to watch movies for hours and hours, it would risk your bone health. However, exercise makes your bones to be stronger than ever. It is even good for the overall bone health of your body.

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