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6 Healthful Choice of Herbal Teas For Your Kids This Season

6 Healthful Choice of Herbal Teas For Your Kids This Season

Herbal teas are all about the blending concoction of several health benefits which could be helpful in the development of your body. But what happens when it comes to your kids? And what these herbal teas could offer for your children? Well, most parents out there would be thinking about how to reap the benefits of herbal teas for their children. So, here is a list of herbal teas which come with amazing health benefits. Let’s check them out!

GINGER TEA: Being popular for its health benefits, it could work great for your kids’ health as a home remedy for various health issues such as digestive problems, gastric ulcers, liver issues, cough and cold, and respiratory issues. Ginger tea includes only a few simple steps for preparation which are familiar to many. So, prepare to ease ginger tea for your kid to stay healthy.

HOLY BASIL TEA: Most kids are prone to common flu and cold which would make you worry over their health. Holy basil is one of the herbs, which is extremely beneficial for the human body as it could detoxify the entire respiratory tract. It would enhance the immunity of your children thereby treating and averting the common illness. When your kids sip holy basil tea, it would enhance digestion and bowel movement as well.

MINT TEA: Mint tea is known to be a slightly stronger drink and has its benefits for your children. The refreshing flavor of the tea would help your child to overcome the sickness. You could add a few drops of honey to this refreshing tea and give it to your child. It would be a great home remedy for stomach upset or other stomach-related issues.

CARDAMOM TEA: Being a flavoring agent, cardamom is used in the preparations of many dishes and desserts. The strong aroma of the cardamom is unique and it could be identified immediately but they are effective in curing indigestion, easing stomach ache and flatulence, nausea and respiratory and pulmonary diseases, and even decrease phlegm. Howbeit, cardamom tea is prepared by using seeds. So, take about three to four seed pods and boil them in two cups of water for 10 to 15 minutes and drain the seed powder. Now, you could serve the tea to your children.

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FENNEL TEA: Fennel works great for your infants or toddlers or kids as they serve many health benefits for them. It would act as an effective remedy for digestive disorders, respiratory problems and even act as a natural laxative. Fennels are rich in anti-microbial properties and antioxidants which make them worth a drink for your children. To prepare fennel tea, you should take a teaspoon of fennel seeds and boil them in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes. Then, drain out the fennel seeds and provide them to your children right after it cools down.

RED RASPBERRY TEA: As red raspberry is loaded with nutrients and iron, it could help improve the red blood cells in your children’s body. It would enhance the heart’s health as well. Red raspberry would increase the health of the kidney and liver thereby reinforcing them. If you wish to provide red raspberry for your child, then you could get it from organic stores or sources.

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