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6 Powerful Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Fruit You Never Knew

6 Powerful Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Fruit You Never Knew


These Orange colored berries contain vitamin C 12 times more than orange!

Packed with proteins, the fruit improves the overall health of your body!

Pulpy in its shape, sea-buckthorn is naturally grown in the high altitude of the Himalayas of above 10,000 feet. The refreshing orange berries are rich in nutrients including vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, fibers, proteins, amino acids, omega fatty acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, phytosterol, and polyphenol. However, the fruit is known for its several histories which amaze you. It was regularly provided by Mangolian Emperor, Changez Khan to his soldiers and horses to improve their body’s strength and stamina naturally. Greeks also proffered this natural fruit to their horses for better health and shiny hair. It was a natural drink for the Olympic players and is now used by the Indian army who works at high altitude. With all its rich history, sea-buckthorn is known for its multiple health benefits.

SPRINKLES SKIN HEALTH: Sea-Buckthorn oil helps prevent and treat dermatitis symptoms in general. It also helps in increasing the blood alpha-linolenic levels and lowers the symptoms with its seed extract. However, the components present in the sea-buckthorn helps in smoothening the skin, slowing down aging and reducing dryness. It also treats the frostbite and sun damages as well as skin irritation.

TREATS DRY EYE SYNDROME: Sea-buckthorn is highly helpful in treating the dry eye symptom by reversing the high level of concentration of tear film in the eye. As the fruit is rich in omega fatty acids such as 3,6,7 and 9, the oil of the fruit effectively helps in reducing the effect of inflammation and stress-induced dry eyes.

TREATS VAGINAL ISSUES: Did you know the pulpy fruit is helpful during menopause? Yes! It is actively helpful in treating the postmenopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching or burning. The oral sea –buckthorn oil prevents and treats the symptoms by shielding the vaginal lining from thinning. Additionally, it prevents the chance of thyroid.

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PROTECTS THE KIDNEY: Evidently, sea-buckthorn helps maintain the better health of the kidney. As the fruit contains thrice the amount of Vitamin A as compared to carrot, it helps in reducing the symptoms of swelling, lack of appetite, and low urination. The leaf powder of the sea buckthorn helps in protecting the kidney tissues from the damage caused by toxin ochratoxin A.

ASSISTS IN MAINTAINING DIABETES: The orange berries help maintain the sugar level in the blood. People with diabetes could add this fruit in their diet as it has effectively impacted the reduced and delayed blood glucose and insulin level which increase after having a meal.

SHIELDS THE BRAIN: Surprisingly, the leaves and the berries of the fruit helps in protecting the brain from oxidative damages. It also enhances the word recall, attention span, mood, inflammatory and oxidative markers.

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