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7 Most effective strategies to help you cope with the pandemic

7 Most effective strategies to help you cope with the pandemic

With the uncertainty and risk the Coronavirus brings with it, it’s normal to experience difficult emotions and it can be very stressful. The COVID can altogether influence emotional well-being for everybody, but particularly for those with psychological instability. Both the fear of getting the illness and loneliness can worsen and trigger the symptoms. Recognizing, perceiving, and following up on mental trouble in these dubious occasions is vital to diminish the effect. Times are tough but here are few effective tips to help you through these challenging times.

Create a schedule: It’s important to have a planned structure during the time of chaos and uncertainty. Following a schedule can help relieve your anxiety and remind you that you still have goals.

Keep in touch with your loved ones: Social distancing can make us feel extremely lonely. In fact, studies have shown that people who feel lonely are more likely to develop symptoms of physical illness. Thus, keeping in touch with the people who are important to you can work wonders. Try setting up “virtual date nights” with your favorite people!

Meditate: Taking a few minutes to sit and breathe can do wonders for relieving any anxiety you may be feeling. Meditation can help you be present at the moment and get comfortable with allowing any emotions and thoughts to simply exist in your mind.

Access your creative side: Doing something creative can unlock the emotional part of your brain and release your emotions in a therapeutic manner. This can result in you feeling lighter, and you also end up with a creative masterpiece!

Exercise: Exercising releases endorphins (the good-feeling hormones) that can boost your mood even on the worst days.

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Keep a gratitude journal: Writing down what you are grateful for even during this uncertain time can help you see the light on a cloudy day. Little pockets of positivity are sometimes necessary to lift your spirits.

Have faith: It’s completely okay to grieve the situation and have days where you’d rather lie in bed and zone out. At the same time, remember that nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary. This too will pass.

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