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7 Most Strange Beauty Hacks You Should Try For Stunning Looks

7 Most Strange Beauty Hacks You Should Try For Stunning Looks

While you have several ways to enhance your beauty, you might have heard of some of the weird beauty tips. At times, you might not have time to go to the parlor or even more expensive to spend. Believe it or not, there are some of the queer beauty tips which could proffer you the expected results. These simple and unusual tips would make you mind-blowing with the desired results as you might think it would not even work. Some of these tips would be completely new for you. So, here are a few weird beauty tips to follow.

USE RED LIPSTICK FOR EYE-BAGS: If you wish to vanish eye bags, just use your red lipstick underneath your eyes to cover eye bags. Since the red lipstick is a common makeup item you have, it would help you own a well-rested face. So, you have to use it underneath your eyes, blend it and also cover it with concealer for gorgeous looking face.

HAIR MAKE-OVER WITH LAUNDROMAT: If you are annoyed with your fly-away hair, then you could use dryer sheets. All you have to do is to just rub a sheet over a problematic areas and it would get your silky hair back. So, you do not want to run to the mirror and comb your hair again or carry any other products along with you.

CREATE A CAT-EYE WITH THE SPOON: Most of us would have “wowed” at the cat-eyed people and even we might have wanted it. It is not even hard to get it on you but then you could simply use a clean tablespoon and use the handle of the spoon to draw the line. Then, use the spoon’s curve to create that attractive angle and then fill it in to look great.

CONDITIONER AS A SHAVING CREAM: When you do not have shaving cream, you could grab your conditioner for it. It would help your skin smoother and offer a smooth and happy shaving experience.  Conditioner would be helpful in the time of emergency as a shaving cream.

USE STRAWBERRIES FOR STAINED TEETH: When you are worried about your stained teeth, strawberries come for your rescue. The presence of acid in the berry would break down any stains and acts as a natural whitener. So, you could wash a strawberry and then simply rub it on your teeth just before brushing them.

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REDUCE FRIZZY HAIR WITH THE T-SHIRT: If your hair gets frizzy right after the shower, then you could use a t-shirt to dry out your hair. Instead of using a towel, you could use a t-shirt as it would not cause friction and is less harsh on your hair.

AGE-OLD TRICK FOR SMOKY EYE: Even though it is an old trick, it is still working to get smoky eyes. If your pencil eyeliner is hard and dry to use, you could then try heating it with a lighter or match. Just hover your pencil eyeliner above the flame for a few seconds and then use it for stunning smoky eyes. It would then turn out to be smooth and easy pencil eyeliner to apply.

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