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After Sex 5 Mandatory Things Every Couple Should Do

After Sex 5 Mandatory Things Every Couple Should Do


Cuddling with each other after sex would enhance your intimacy!

Take steps to develop your mental and physical health right after having sex.

Probably, you might know what to do before hitting the bed together but are you aware of the things you have to do after sex? Well, some of you would like to cuddle each other, some of you would like to sleep or some of you would like to have a funny conversation. Having mentioned these different deeds, you have to take steps for your physical as well as mental health.  It is all about following some good healthy things after sex because it would grow up your intimacy and sexual well-being. So, you should follow the below-mentioned things after having great sexual intercourse.

LOVEY-DOVEY CUDDLING: After sex, you could cuddle up with each other on the bed. You could have a lovey-dovey pillow-talk which would be satisfying and creates a wonderful bonding. When you indulge in sex with your partner, a feel-happy hormone – oxytocin is released. This would make you stress-free and create the closeness between you. However, you could converse on your dreams, hopes, future, or something that you would like to do with your partner. When you have a conversation after sex on the bed, it would be a great way for your increasing connection.

EXPRESS YOUR LIKES: Importantly, it is good to complement each other after having sex. It is essential for you to converse with your partner about your sexual pleasures which would enhance your sex life further. When you share your happy and enjoyable moments with your partner, it would definitely create an amazing bonding through physically and emotionally.

USE BATHROOM: You could have heard about people using the bathroom after having sex which would make them urinate. Yes! It is true and it is the first thing to do after having sex. By doing so, it would be clean and you would be free of infection. It is highly essential for you to clean yourself right after sex.

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DRINK WATER: Make sure to hydrate your body. Just go to the kitchen right and consume water after sex. Or else, ensure to have a bottle of water by your bedside because it is considered that drinking eight ounces of water right after having sex could help you in hydrating your body. It would also increase your energy and help to wash away the bacteria from the urinary tracts. So, just remember to drink water.

HAVE A BITE OF SNACK: Generally, you would feel hungry after sex because you might have burned down the calories and increased your heart rate. So, you could grab a healthy snack from the pantry or else you could cook some easy dishes together which would extend your intimacy as well as your bonding.

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