Turn heads all the way with your favourite Patiala

There is no denying the fact that we would all love to don the latest trends at all times when it comes to clothes and accessories. Whether it is going to be a busy day at the office or a hectic night at our best friend’s wedding, it all cannot simply come at a sacrifice of our love for fashion, can it? Therefore, the need of the hour is to have an alternative that is equally comfortable and good-looking at the same time. Easy to carry all day long, without compromising on either the current trends or our love for looking good. What better option then than to don the famous Patiyala dress, isn’t it?

What is the Patiala dress all about?

The Patiala dress, or the salwar kameez is a traditional garment worn by women in Punjab, and even the neighbouring states of Haryana and Delhi. However, thanks to its soaring popularity and wide acceptance, the garment has reached other corners and places of the country and beyond! Yes, even foreigners admit to loving this look when it comes to adding a special Indian touch.

What makes the Patiala salwar suit stand out is the uniqueness of the salwar, which is called Patiala, named after a place in Punjab itself. The salwar has a ballooning effect to it, for it is narrower towards the waist and the ankles, and fluffier, often pleated, in the middle section. The waist of the salwar is drawn tight with the help of a drawstring to adjust as per your comfort.

Not just this, the kameez worn with the Patiala salwar also aims to accentuate this silhouette created by the Patiala. Therefore, it is usually shorter than the kurtas in other salwar kameez styles. It usually ends above the knee itself, and sometimes is even shorter – ending at the thighs. The length of the kurta is also a factor in determining what the overall look ends up in – shorter lengths lead to a more feisty, youthful look, besides looking ultra-modern.

Why you must don the Patiala salwar

There is a multitude of reasons why you should wear this look this monsoon and beyond. First and foremost, nothing about fashion is more demanding than the comfort of what you wear. No wonder there are many looks and garments that we are in love with, but very few of them are such that we can carry all day long. In such a case, the Patiala salwar is one garment that one can wear with ease and comfort not just for a few hours but for an entire day or night. No hassles, no discomfort, no regrets – absolute win.

Besides, for someone who loves catching up on trends, the Patiala salwar is what is the most sparkling when it comes to Indian traditional fashion. Be it our favourite celeb weddings or the best of movies and serials, be it the scorch on the ramp or the looks that are talked about all over the town – everyone in the tinsel town seems to be in love with the Patiala salwar suit look. Start taking note of which celebrities you can spot in the look every other day in the newspaper, and you will begin noticing how popular and trendy this look is getting overtime.

Reason enough to get yourself one already?

How you can accessorize the Patiala salwar

Definitely the best thing about the Patiala salwar is the catchy silhouette it creates with the fitted short kurta and the fluffy salwar. However, what can add more colourful feathers to the cap is accessorizing the look for a befitting appeal – earrings, kamarbandh, anklets, wristlets, bracelets, broaches and so on!

Now, there can be various reasons and places you can wear the look to, and the key to looking your best is to style accordingly. You might wear the same Patiala to the office and a day out with your girl besties, or the same one to a date and to meeting your in-laws. The needed difference can be created by simple twists with the help of the right accessories and maybe playing with the dupatta. Just drape them in different styles for ending up with a different look each time. Besides, you might even try mixing up the Patiala salwar with something other than your kurta, say a differently styled top for a unique look. Nothing gets better than the best of peppy fashion yet a simple silhouette. Go grab yours today!


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