Top 10 Mother’s Day Songs From Tamil Cinema : Amma Songs (2023)

Our Mothers are the most significant women in our lives. These selfless women are deserved to be honored and celebrated on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, what is a better way to show our gratitude and love than with music? In Kollywood, there are many lovely and soulful songs that honor mothers. These Tamil songs have a knack to touch your heart with their soulful and deep lyrics. Moreover, they pay the perfect tribute to the selfless love and sacrifice of mothers. Here, we have put together a compilation of Mother’s Day songs from Kollywood. These are some of the best soulful songs that will bring you closer to your mother. Thus celebrate this Mother’s Day on May 14th with some heartfelt music and love.

Best Mother’s Day Songs – Tamil Films
Adimai Penn

‘Thai Illamal Naan Illai’ is an iconic 1960’s Tamil song from the film Adimai Penn. K.V. Mahadevan and TMS have managed to give a classic Mother’s Day song that is ruling even after half a century. Also, it is not a regular soul-striking ‘Amma’ song. This one is an energetic and peppy one. Moreover, this song has unique lyrics that symbolically honor nature/god as a mother.

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‘Amma Endru Azhaikatha Uyir Illaye’ is the perfect tribute to all Mothers on this special occasion. This is a classic Tamil song from the film Mannan. This Rajinikanth-starred ‘Amma Song’ ruled everyone’s playlist for years. Illayaraja’s music as well as the soul-stirring voice of K.J.Yesudas makes this song a must-listen on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, Vaali’s lyrics perfectly explain a Mother’s love and care. It also emphasizes the respect that every Mother deserves.


‘Chinna Thaiaval’ from Thalapathi is one of the most hummable songs in Kollywood. Again, this Amma song also comes from the iconic Rajini, Vaali, and Illayaraja combo. Here, the lyrics and music convey a bundle of different emotions. S. Janaki’s melodious voice is a cherry on top. Also, the song placement and the beautiful frames deserve a special mention.


‘Aarariraro’ from Raam is another soulful rendition from K.J.Yesudas. This is a lullaby from a son to his mother. Thus the song will definitely give you some mixed emotions. It also shows some humorous banters and heart-warming moments between a son and mother. This masterpiece from lyricist Snehan and Yuvan Shankar Raja should definitely be on everyone’s list.


“Aasa Patta Ellaathaiyum” is another notable Mother’s Day hit that is known for its lyrics. This popular song from Viyabari emphasizes the idea that motherly love cannot be purchased with money. The lyrics also convey that mothers are always equal to god. Furthermore, Deva’s composition and Hariharan’s calming vocals give us a perfect soothing touch.


‘Kalaiyil Thinamum’ from the movie New is ideal for Mother’s Day celebrations. A.R. Rahman and renowned poet Vaali have given us the perfect song that is tailor-made for all Ammas. This song conveys that the care and love of a mother are always greater than everything else. The song also beautifully juggles between the portion where the hero sings to his pregnant wife and the hero singing to his mother.


‘Amma Amma’ from VIP is a melancholic Mother’s Day song. This superhit number from the DnA combo will make you tear up. It is a depressing song from a son who misses his mother after she passes away. Though it is slow and mournful, the blissful portion in Janaki Amma’s voice elevates the whole song.


The ‘Mother Song’ from Valimai is a recent addiction for many. This song is from the impressive combo of Sid Sriram and Yuvan. Furthermore, director Vignesh Shivan has written some heart-warming lyrics for this ‘Mother Song’. ‘Naan Paartha Mudhal Mugam Nee’ is also the perfect lyric that honors every mother out there.


Vijay Antony’s ‘Nooru Saamigal’ song is such an underrated gem. The lyrics flawlessly express the sacrifice of Mothers and their worth in our lives. The actor-composer has himself written, composed, and sung this song number. It is also one of his best works to date.

M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi

‘Neeye Neeye’ from M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi is a unique Mother’s Day song. It is a touching as well as playful rendition of a mother-son relationship. The lyrics also convey that a mother is always the first best friend of her son. Likewise, the song also perfectly showcases the mother-son chemistry between Jayam Ravi and Nadiya.

Special Mentions

Not all Mother’s Day songs need to be from the hero to his mother. Certain songs in our Tamil cinema have a special place for their uniqueness. Here are some of the special mentions that deserve a place in your Mother’s Day playlist.


Thaman’s ‘Soul Of Varisu’ is a special song number that conveys the emotions of a mother. Also, K.S.Chithra’s voice is the perfect icing on the cake. This new and trendy Tamil song is not just for Vijay fans but also for all soulful music lovers.

Muppozhudhum Un Karapanaigal

This film’s music album has many peppy and melody tracks that deserve attention. One of the popular songs in the entire album is ‘Kangal Neeye’. This song beautifully portrays a mother’s love for her son.

Kannathil Muthamittal

‘Oru Deivam Thantha Poove’ is a national award-winning song by A.R. Rahman. The song and lyrics picture the emotional battle between a mom and her foster kid. Chinmayi’s, mesmerizing voice is enough to melt your heart.


‘Theeyil Vizhuntha Theena’ from Varalaru is another soul-stirring song from A.R. Rahman. The song conveys the love and hardship of a son who raises his mother.

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