It Happens Only In India! A 78 Year Old Woman Eats 2Kg Sand For 65 Years Now.

A 78-year-old Indian Woman affirms sand is a secret to her good health!

Shockingly, an elderly woman has been eating sand for the last six decades.

States that this unique diet has been a key to her good health

She even gnaws on her house if in case she runs out of the sand.

Have you ever wondered how sand would taste? Well, here is an Indian woman named Kusma Vati who is already addicted to eating sand and gravel in which she spends her time seeking a good diet. And if she is running out of her addicted food, then she would even nibble on the walls of her own house. She even never felt ailing due to sand and gravel ever since she started adding it to her diet.

Kusma, is a farm laborer and now she is about to reach her eighties but still, she is working and has no plan to retire yet. She also stated that she started eating sand at the age of 15 and also added that she had a bad stomach ache but it didn’t stop her and last long too. Now it feels like all this is very normal to the grandmother.

Living in Varanasi, the grandmother has been amusing others and her own family members have been stunned by her weird taste for stone. She can even bite the hardest stone without any problem. The grandmother, Kusma, has even acknowledged that she never consulted a doctor ever before because she is perfectly fine till now. However, her grandchildren are now begging to abandon her bizarre habit but she could not understand the reason why her grandchildren are doing this to her. Despite her daily 2KG diet of granular construction material, the amazing grandmother claims that she has never seen a doctor.

The uncanny habit of the grandmother has made her stand fit and healthy until the present day and Kusma has even stated that SANDWICH is the confidential secret to her well-being.

It Happens Only In India! A 78 Year Old Woman Eats 2Kg Sand For 65 Years Now.
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