5 Must-have Happy Foods in Your Daily Menu

Often, feelings and food choices go hand-in-hand than you think they would. We all could be emotional eaters as well. You might grab a sugary drink or snack or a plate of fries to overcome your bad mood temporarily. But when it comes to long-term happiness, you have got to choose foods that are actually proven to be mood-enhancing foods and drinks. So, you should have to add certain foods to your daily menu to make yourself happy and boost your mood throughout the day. So, check out the following foods to stay happy and relaxed. Try to incorporate the following happy foods into your daily menu.


Beets are always one of the staple foods in Indian kitchens. Due to the presence of betaine, beets are helpful in serotonin production in the brain which is a feel-good hormone. So, this would help in enhancing your mood though.

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Did you know coconut could improve your mood? Yes, it is due to the presence of medium-chain triglycerides which is actually fat that could ignite your mood. So, next time when you are in a bad mood, you might have to try having raw coconut.


Grab a handful of raisins and consume them when you are feeling low or in a crazy mood. This would give your mood a makeover along with its rich health benefits. Just avoid avoiding the raisins!


Have a glass of dark-coloured blueberries as it is rich in resveratrol which is an antioxidant pigment that helps in alleviating your depression as per the studies.


Add peas to your happy menu as it is helpful in lowering your exhaustion. It would provide you better mood along with its rich iron content. You could have it in any form like mushy or fried or raw.

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