7 Most Harmful Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been the talk of the health world by recognizing its amazing health benefits. Popularly known to be one of the healthiest drinks, Apple cider vinegar is known to enhance your beauty as well. Just because of its wide range of benefits, you could not gulp down beyond the moderate level. It would contribute to several side effects due to the presence of acetic acid in it. So, it is important to know the excessive intake of apple cider vinegar. This is why you gotta know about the bad side of taking apple cider vinegar and should never neglect them.

LEADS TO ESOPHAGEAL OR THROAT BURN: The nature of apple cider vinegar could possibly cause esophageal or throat burns due to the harshness of acidity. Even the apple cider vinegar tablets would lead to throat irritation and esophageal injury.

REDUCES THE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: If you are someone who is watching out normalizing the blood sugar levels, then you should never go for apple cider vinegar. It is due to an anti-glycemic effect of the drink which leads to unbalanced glucose levels.

BRINGS DOWN THE POTASSIUM LEVEL: Drinking too much of this acetic drink would lead to a low level of potassium thereby causing hypokalemia. Meanwhile, the excessive consumption of the drink might also lead to low bone mineral density which would turn the bones weak and leads to breakage. And so, it is advisable not to drink apple cider vinegar for people suffering from osteoporosis.

AFFECTS THE HEALTH OF THE TEETH: The excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar would directly affect the health of teeth as it might result in tooth decay and dental erosion. It would also leave a yellowish mark on your teeth and destroy the tooth enamel.

CHANCES FOR GASTROPARESIS: When you consume apple cider vinegar, it would lead to fullness feel but it might be warned of gastroparesis. This condition is where the nerves present in the stomach would never function properly and thus makes it tough to emptying the stomach. So, avoid consuming apple cider vinegar especially if you are a person with type 1 diabetes as it would aggravate the condition.

CAUSES DIGESTIVE ISSUES: Since apple cider vinegar decreases the appetite by providing the feeling of fullness, it might pave the path to indigestion. It would also lead to nausea, bloating, vomiting, heartburn, and gas. So, it’s better to watch out for the level of consumption of digestive issues.

DIRECTLY IMPACTS THE SKIN HEALTH: Most people would rely on apple cider vinegar for skin health. Little did they know that it might cause your skin to be burned due to the strong acidic nature of the vinegar.

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